Monday, August 18, 2008

Angry White Premium Cable TVologist (Why Weeds and Entourage both suck now.)

Weeds sucks now. The writing is still phenomenal, but the story line is unbelievable. Last week's story involved one more incident in which both Nancy and Celia should have been killed but survived because a comedy about the Mexican drug trade doesn't work without a MILF or two. The parallel between Weeds and Entourage is uncanny, at least to this amazingly unqualified Premium Cable TVologist. If nothing else, let us review the quality of each of the first four seasons of each show.

a) Season 1- Both shows were innovative and simply amazing. Every guy wanted to be Vinnie Chase, and bone Mary Louise-Parker, and vice versa for their female fanbase. Not only were both shows funny, they were extremely well done. Both had legitimate storylines that dealt with legitimate issues facing a movie star and his boys and a pot dealing mother struggling to feed her family. Was that last sn.

b) Season 2- Both shows reach their comedic peak. The story lines are not as crisp as season 1, but both shows, whether it's the Entourage Bar Mitzvah episode or Andy doing an Israeli chick, had some of the funniest moments in premium cable history. Oh, and the Weeds season finale is probably the greatest half hour in television history.

c) Season 3- Both of these season suck. Especially on Entourage, where nothing happens until the final two episodes. A trend starts to emerge where each episode consists of Vinny/Nancy not really doing much while the sidekicks Turtle & Drama/Andy & Kevin Nealon get into hilarious but irrelevant shenanigans. Some good episodes can be found, but the season is generally subpar until the final few episodes. And for Weeds, the final episode of the season should have been the ending of the show.

d) Season 4- The trend involving the main characters doing nothing and sidekicks doing nothing relevant is now a full on formula. The seasons begin oddly, with the fans (or at least me) wondering where the shows are going to go, but by the end, Nancy/Vinny are pissing me off so much that I'm rooting for them to die/get broke. Why am I rooting for this? Because in real life they would have died/declared bankruptcy 6 times over by now.

As Entourage enters its 5th year, let us remember that The Wire ended its run after its 5th season, even though it probably could have gone on for another 2-3 years. Let's hope Entourage learns from the greatest show of all time and is put out to pasture.

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