Friday, August 1, 2008

Top 5 moments of the Manny Ramirez era, as told by a Yankee fan

Look, as a Yankee fan, it's easy to look back upon the Manny Ramirez era with disgust, knowing that during Manny's tenure, they have taken away the Yankees' title as the class of Major League Baseball. That said, I enjoyed the Manny era. Without further ado, a Yankee fan's top 5 favorite moments of the Manny Ramirez in Boston Era:

1. He whose name we dare not mention's slightly inside pitch in the 2003 ALCS that created this brawl.

2. Manny's near home run, which Melky took away, jumpstarting Melky's Yankee career. Not to be confused with Melky's 2008 season, which may end Melky's career.

3. The Manny brainfarts. Too many to remember, whether it's becoming the cutoff man for Johnny Damon or massively screwing up a fly ball. Always a good time, even if none of these ever seemed to happen against the Yankees. Needless to say, part of the SUS intern's responsibilities will be finding videos of these moments that I'm too stupid/lazy to find.

4. I'm not saying that having Manny Ramirez hit nearly .450 against us is a good thing, but at least it gave Yankee fans someone to truly hate on the Sox; like Lindros and Messier to Devil fans and The Killers to hard music fans above the age of 20, every good rivalry needs someone that really pisses them off. And call me crazy, but I can't quite get myself to hate Jason Bay...yet.

5. Manny taking off for two weeks every September because he felt the need for a vacation. Great for Yankee fans, devastating for Devo's Dumbasses

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White Boy South Bronx said...

I need to find the melky replay too. I know that was a June game but that was a great moment