Thursday, August 7, 2008


Thursday morning:

12:09am: I'm watching Sportscenter and there is "breaking news". The Jets have officially traded for Brett Favre.

12:10am: I throw my remote
12:15am: I fix my remote and turn up the volume because yes I was too lazy to adjust the volume on the TV itself

12:18am: My brother texts me, "I'm getting a Favre jersey!"
12:18 and 10 secondsam: I throw my phone
12:20am: I turn off the TV and go to bed

I was somewhat relieved that the Jets would only lose a 2nd round or possibly a 4th round pick. First rumors said it was a 1st round pick and I was going to go ape shit if that were true. But overall I like the trade. It was funny, I read that the Jets were leaning towards making Chad their starter too. PYSCHE!!!! Start packing BITCH! Take your arena football arm, your ugly as comeover and some ice for the slap in the face we just gave you and say hello to Kansas City! I can't wait to start my Madden franchise this year and actually have a QB with more than 90% in arm strength.

Sorry for corrupting this sight by discussing politics but I have to get on Hillary

This is absurd. Hillary actually wants to bring some of her own supporters ,in the form of delegates, to the convention to "unify the party." Apparently, Hillary's idea of unifying the party is making, sure that she lets fellow Democrats know that she should have been the nominee not Obama. Hillary, you lost fair and square, if you have any true passion for Democrat ideals such as being pro-choice, being opposed to increased tax-cuts for the upper crust of society, and being a supporter of a worker's right to form unions to protect themselves against oppressive corporate gas-bags, then you should back down from this childish request and support the candidate who is aligned with you on important issues; instead of indirectly helping elect a curmudgeon who is pro-life and in bed with oil companies on off-shore drilling projects. Sorry, I will go back to my usual Yankee rants from now on.


Apparently, it was just too hard to say goodbye.
Welcome to JERSEY Brett.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eddie redeems himself!

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder relied on little more than his voice and guitar during the third show of his summer solo tour in New York on Monday.

His performance at the United Palace Theatre boasted 28 tracks filled with obscure Pearl Jam songs, covers and material from his "Into the Wild" soundtrack.

Early on, Vedder showed his appreciation for the attentive (and non-shouting audience), joking, "We left all the a--holes behind in Boston," where the tour began on Friday.

This is why Eddie is the man and back in my good graces. After being picture with Prince Jagoff of Sawks nation, he totally REDEEMS himself. I know this means nothing in general nor the grand scheme of things but it's good to know that even a hero like Eddie Vedder and take a step back and realize the error of his ways.

Cheers to you Eddie. Cheers to you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angry White Boy texts to White Boy Senior

So this season for the Yankees will unofficially come to a close tomorrow when Dr. James Andrews meets with Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain and tells him that; although you have no structural damage or serious injury to your right shoulder, it is best to be cautious because you are a young fire-baller and you should rest your arm till next spring training. As such, I was already an angry white boy as I settled into tonight's contest against the power hitting Texas Rangers. However I stupidly figured, Pettite never has two bad games in a row, The Yankees are facing a guy with a 7.2 era; we got this...... Boy was I wrong.

(1) 8:21- Pettite pitches like a dumb ass so much. On 3-2 2 outs and Hamilton up with 1b open, no reason to throw a strike. So absurd

(2) 8:25- Mental errors by veteran pitchers just gall me to no end.

(3) 8:36- I hope this guy (Ranger pitcher) gets a fucking no hitter; serves "us" right

(4) 8:42- They aren't into this game; very appalling.

(5) 8:52- I hate Jeter (following a 2 on 1 out double play in which Jeter represented the tying run).

I do not really hate Jeter but how many hyyuuuge and inning crushing double plays is Jeter going to hit into this year? the next 3 messages are also about said Jeter.

(6) 8:53- With 2 on and 1 out he's the last guy on team I want up

(7) 8:55- Its 1-0 count guy just threw 5 straight out of zone WHY would you chase pitch low and outside, its insane!

(8) 8:59- I'd take 2008 Tatis over 2008 Jeter every time.

Yea I am on a small amount of sleep last 2 days but I stand by every text I sent (except actually hating Jeter part, though he's been horrible this year).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Didn't people learn this lesson when Macaulay Culkin wasn't doing lines of coke on strippers?

JERUSALEM - An Israeli couple going on a European vacation remembered to take their duty-free shopping and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport, police said Monday.

The couple and their five children were late for a charter flight to Paris Sunday and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a policeman found her wandering in the duty-free area at Ben-Gurion airport, Israel's bustling main international air portal. He said the officer alerted airline staff, but the flight had already taken off.

Israeli media said the parents were an ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple but did not give their names.

Rosenfeld said the parents were unaware they had boarded the aircraft with only four children instead of five until they were informed by cabin staff after 40 minutes in the air.

The child, accompanied by an airline staffer, took the next flight to Paris where she was safely reunited with her parents.

Rosenfeld said police would question the couple when they return from vacation, on suspicion of parental negligence.

Harry and Marv were unavailable for comment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Since We Last Spoke....

The Mets? No longer in first place (or second). The bullpen? No longer doing so hot. John Maine and Marlon Anderson? On the DL. Ryan Church? Still not playing. The non-waiver trade deadline? Come and gone without the smallest of moves by Omar Minaya. It seems like a lot can happen in a week and a half and all that has happened to the Mets has been pretty bad. After being swept by the Houston Astros, a team that is 13 games out of first place, the boys from Queens have an off day tomorrow before a 3 games series at home vs. the Padres. So Mets fans, let's please take a look at the positives:
San Diego is in last place in the NL West and 26 games under .500. The three probable pitchers for the series all have records of .500 or under.
Nick Evans, getting some playing time in due to (lots of) outfield injuries, made some great plays this afternoon to throw runners out at second.
Eddie Kunz, a top draft pick, made his major-league debut and pitched a scoreless inning in the 7th. With Billy Wagner potentially out for who knows how long, the bullpen can use all the help it can get (oh sorry, only positives).
Dan Murphy, another prospect, made his debut on Saturday and looks great in the outfield.
Johan Santana is still pitching well despite getting crap help from the bullpen. We will be lucky if he doesn't fly the coop next year (sorry again).
If I have to hear one more Yankee fan talking about how Willie Randolph deserved more from the Mets I might throw up.
That was obviously just an aside, nothing positive there.
Oh, oh! The Phillies are losing in the bottom of the 5th...please don't mention it if they come back and end up winning.
I found another! Fernando Tatis has a 10-game hitting streak.
Yeah, I think that's it. Stay tuned for some more positives, hopefully as a result of the series against the Padres. Maybe the boys will show up for this one.
*One more! At least we don't have Mo Vaughn at first base.

September is going to be the greatest month in the history of tv...