Sunday, August 3, 2008

Since We Last Spoke....

The Mets? No longer in first place (or second). The bullpen? No longer doing so hot. John Maine and Marlon Anderson? On the DL. Ryan Church? Still not playing. The non-waiver trade deadline? Come and gone without the smallest of moves by Omar Minaya. It seems like a lot can happen in a week and a half and all that has happened to the Mets has been pretty bad. After being swept by the Houston Astros, a team that is 13 games out of first place, the boys from Queens have an off day tomorrow before a 3 games series at home vs. the Padres. So Mets fans, let's please take a look at the positives:
San Diego is in last place in the NL West and 26 games under .500. The three probable pitchers for the series all have records of .500 or under.
Nick Evans, getting some playing time in due to (lots of) outfield injuries, made some great plays this afternoon to throw runners out at second.
Eddie Kunz, a top draft pick, made his major-league debut and pitched a scoreless inning in the 7th. With Billy Wagner potentially out for who knows how long, the bullpen can use all the help it can get (oh sorry, only positives).
Dan Murphy, another prospect, made his debut on Saturday and looks great in the outfield.
Johan Santana is still pitching well despite getting crap help from the bullpen. We will be lucky if he doesn't fly the coop next year (sorry again).
If I have to hear one more Yankee fan talking about how Willie Randolph deserved more from the Mets I might throw up.
That was obviously just an aside, nothing positive there.
Oh, oh! The Phillies are losing in the bottom of the 5th...please don't mention it if they come back and end up winning.
I found another! Fernando Tatis has a 10-game hitting streak.
Yeah, I think that's it. Stay tuned for some more positives, hopefully as a result of the series against the Padres. Maybe the boys will show up for this one.
*One more! At least we don't have Mo Vaughn at first base.

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White Boy South Bronx said...

Why do you guys hate Willie so much. I'm not saying hes a saint but Gary Cohen and Keith praise every single little thing that Manuel does and they never gave Willie and ounce of credit for anything he did. Manuel, as far as I can tell, still has the Mets in third place and playing mediocre ball. I admit Delgado and Reyes are playing much better but the team overall is still in much the same place it was when Willie was jolted. As much as Met fans may hate our love for Willie, Mets fans disdain for him is nauseating.