Friday, February 20, 2009

The Times They Are A Changin

Are you cut out to be an NHL Goalie?

Probably not. But apparently Tampa Goalie Karri Ramo is lowering expectations like he is the offspring of 21st century Brett Favre and Al Pacino of 88 Minutes fame. Now, no one ever said that Ramo was any good. After all, he is the 4th goalie on a team whose starting goaltending is so bad that Vinny Lecavlier and Martin St. Louis are missing the playoffs for the second consecutive year. But the man is 0 for 4 in shootouts. Not 0 wins and 4 losses, but 0 saves against 4 shootout goals.

It's been established that guys like Zach Parise and Patrik Elias can score on Ramo, as evidenced by the Devils' 3-2 victory last night. I guess my question is this: Coach Sutter, next time you need a shooter vs. Ramo, any chance I can help out pro bono and live the dream?

Ouch of the week

This best NBA action I've seen in years!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hockey Trade Deadline: Eastern Conference

One of the favorites times of the season for hockey fans is quickly approaching: the trade deadline (March 4, 3:00pm should you not know). This is where teams stock up for a long playoff run or admit their season was already finished and sell off what assets they know they can’t keep in the off season. Hockey fans cheer how their team landed the big free agent, or cry how their favorite team just got bent over on a deal. Teams are deciding whether or not their buyers or sellers, and if so who is on the block. In the first part of Yinzer’s trade deadline preview, we will take a look at the teams of the Eastern Conference.

Status- whether the team will be a buyer or seller
Available- players who are will potentially be moved due to rumors, performance or free agent status
Analysis- my take on their situation and what they will do
NTC- no trade clause (cannot be traded w/o consent, but can be sent to the minors or put on waivers)
NMC- non movement clause (cannot be moved under any circumstance)

Atlantic Division

New Jersey Devils
Status: Buyers
Available: Brian Gionta (F), John Madden (F), Bobby Holik (F)
If you pay attention to hockey, you know the Devils will not be sellers. GM Lou Lamoriello just doesn’t do it, be it out of stubbornness or pride. That said impending free agents Gionta, Madden and Holik aren’t going anywhere barring a massive overpayment by another team. They sit at the top of the Atlantic and second overall in the East, so they're definitely going to be looking to add an extra piece. Look for them to go after some secondary scoring or a depth defenseman. P.S- please deal for Miroslav Satan! This has to happen before he retires!

New York Islanders
Status: Sellers
Available: Bill Guerin (F), Doug Weight (F), Mike Comrie (F), Mike Sillinger (F),
The Isles are sitting at the bottom of the standings with no playoff hopes and that always spells sellers. Unfortunately, the Isles are striking out again. Sillinger is out the year and Weight is out until near the end of the season, meaning no one will be trading for them (and go figure Weight was having a good year and would have been worth something). Guerin has stated he doesn’t want to waive his NTC, meaning that’s three assets gone. Comrie has enjoyed his time on the Island and apparently his return is a mutual want for both, but the Isles can trade him and resign him in the off season. Still, don't expect a whole lot from the Isles because of these things.

New York Rangers
Status: Buyers
Available: Petr Prucha (F), Aaron Voros (F),Patrick Rissmiller (F), Dmitri Kalinin (D), Paul Mara (D)
The Rangers are sixth in the East but have a tenuous hold on the sport due to their recent free fall. They need a kick in the ass and they know it, because the post season isn’t set in stone for them. Prucha can’t crack the lineup most games, removed from a thirty goal season just three years ago. His stock is low, so don't expect more than a mid round pick if he is dealt. Voros’ name has been popping up recently, and teams looking for depth may be willing to take a chance, same goes for Rissmiller. Kalinin has seen his stock plummet since the lockout and the Rangers are likely to keep him for depth, which is even more likely now that Mara is out for a while. Look for the Rangers to go after some Avery-esque high energy player or someone who can fire up the locker room. Right now, talent isn’t the team’s problem. They have quite a few young players who will be restricted free agents this year and next, so don't expect any blockbusters for them.

Philadelphia Flyers
Status: Buyers
Available: Daniel Briere (F), Mike Knuble (F), Scottie Upshall (F), Joffrey Lupul (F), Randy Jones (D)
The Flyers love to wheel and deal, always seeming to have twice as many trades during the year as anyone else. Just like on the ice, they’re aggressive in their pursuit to improve the team (though they don't hit the other GM from behind in this case). They're definitely going to make some depth moves, and you should learn to never count them out of a blockbuster. Briere’s name keeps popping up, and the fact the Flyers seem t play better without him keeps the mill churning. But due to his contract ($6.5mm a year for six more years) and an NTC he isn’t going anywhere. Lupul, despite signing an extension seems to be a favorite target of rumor mongers, but he’s still young and I don't expect the Flyers to deal him. Knuble will be kept for grit and experience despite his fate being a cap casualty this summer, but Upshall, another possible cap casuality could very well be dealt. Jones is considered overpaid by many, and he could be packaged as part of a greater return. Look for them to be active again.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Status: Buyers
Available: Miroslav Satan (F), Ruslan Fedotenko (F), Phillip Boucher (D), Ryan Whitney (D)
Before you go jumping on me for being a Pens homer, no, I don't think they will make the playoffs. Pens management would beg to differ with me, which is why they’re going to try and make a few trades to get there (only to get their asses kicked in the first round mind you). So instead of selling what they have they’ll spend more assets in a futile attempt at a post season run. Satan and Fedotenko have been worthless and I think other teams have noticed so no one will be particularly interested (seriously Devils, take Satan. We’ll just give him to you!) Boucher just had foot surgery, meaning he won’t be going anywhere. Whitney has popped up in rumors the past month since his return due to his ability to actually get worse as he heals from an injury. His stock is the lowest it’s ever been, but with a reasonable contract and still young he can bring in a good return, and potentially that scoring winger the Pens so desperately need. Look for them to waste some picks trying to make a difference.

Northeast Division

Boston Bruins
Status: Buyers
Available: PJ Axelsson (F), Tim Thomas (G), Manny Fernandez (G)
For the record I’m reminding everyone how I said the Bruins were the dark horse of the East this year. But I admit, I didn’t expect them to be at the top of the conference. Rumors in recent weeks have them aggressively pursuing bigger name players such as Eric Cole from Edmonton. They have few free agent skaters, so their roster is mostly set next year, so there is less pressure to win this year before the roster blows up. GM Peter Chiarelli will need to decide which goalie to keep, but he may go with both into the post season. Both Fernandez and Thomas are experienced, and a hot goalie is always key in the playoffs. If he gets a deal that blows him out of the water for either though, expect him to go for it.

Buffalo Sabres
Status: Sellers
Available: Tim Connolly (F), Maxim Afinogenov (F), Ales Kotalik (F), Jaroslav Spacek (D),Teppo Numminen (D)
Buffalo holds the eighth spot as of this writing and can easily move up or down a notch. They have lost key players every year since the lockout and it may happen again this off season. Two forwards, Connolly and Afinogenov are likely not to return, the former from injuries that have kept his production limited and the other from poor play. The Sabres have attempted to deal Afinogenov since end of last year, and that no one has taken him is a sign of how bad his play is. For a low price someone may be willing to take him. Kotalik will probably be resigned, and Spacek has stated he is returning to Europe upon completion of his contract after this year, limiting his value as there is no hope of resigning him. Numminen may draw interest, but if Buffalo is planning on the post season they would rather have his experience than the mid round pick they would get in return.

Montreal Canadiens
Status: Buyers
Available: Alexei Kovalev (F), Alex Tanguay (F), Steve Begin (F), Mike Komisarek (D), Patrice Briesbois (D)
This was supposed to be the Canadiens year. Their players are a good mix of young and old, they hosted the All Star game and are celebrating 100 years of existence. Things haven’t gone as planned. Kovalev has underperformed leading to rampant trade speculation and that there is no chance of him being resigned after the year, not to mention the ire of fans. Robert Lang injured his Achilles heel putting him out for a while and the young players are not doing their share. They have managed to be middle of the playoff pack, but if they hope to go far they need to get better. They already dealt picks for veteran defenseman Mathieu Schneider and will probably make a play for another winger. Don't be surprised if Kovalev is gone at the deadline as his play has deteriorated to the point many fans would rather have less depth than him playing.

Ottawa Senators
Status: Sellers
Available: Chris Neil (F), Cristoph Schubert (F), Dean McAmmond (F), Flip Kuba (D), Martin Gerber (G)
The Sens have been plummeting since the middle of the ’07-’08 season, going from cup runner up to bottom feeder with mostly the same roster. The chance of making the playoffs is close to nil so they’ll be trying to get what they can in hopes of a quick rebuild. Neil will draw the most interest with his physical style of play (look for the Rangers to go for him), and close behind is Kuba who’s departure depends on whether he will waive his NTC if the Sens feel they can’t resign him. Schubert has been on the block all year with no takers and McAmmond may get some interest for a team looking for center depth. Gerber was on re-entry waivers at half price earlier this year and still no one bit, so don't expect him to be dealt. It is possible the Sens will blow their roster up even more with some major deals, but expect at least one of the aforementioned to be wearing a new uniform in March.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Status: Sellers
Available: Jason Blake (F), Dominic Moore (F), Nik Antropov (F), Tomas Kaberle (D), Pavel Kubina (D)
Ah what a train wreck that whish are the Leafs. They fired their last full time GM mid season, had an interim blow up the roster last deadline and this summer, and now with a new full time GM in place they’re blowing it all up again. New GM Brian Burke has made it known nearly every player on his roster is available, and has asked two players, Kaberle and Kubina, a list of teams they're willing to waive their NTC’s for. Antropov Burke has stated is as good as gone, and Moore could be available for a team wanting depth. They’d love to get rid of the underachieving Blake and his $4mm a year the next three years off the books, but the contract will deter anyone from taking a bite. They’re probably going to be the biggest sellers at the deadline, so keep an eye on them.

Southeast Division

Atlanta Thrashers
Status: sellers
Available: Colby Armstrong (F), Marty Reasoner (F), Niclas Havelid(D)
Atlanta didn’t wait for the deadline, dealing spare parts in Jason Williams and Mathieu Schneider in advance. Despite the massive rumors of Kovulchuk on the block, don’t expect it. He's their only real draw right now and they can’t afford to lose him. It’s primarily the rumormongers making waves because they dealt Hossa last year. They also keep trying to get Armstrong dealt, preferably back to Pittsburgh where he liked playing and was a fan favorite. Unfortunately Armstrong has been one of Atlanta's better players this year so they’ll be reluctant to give him up, and the Pens don’t need another third line winger, so unless it’s a bargain for the Pens forget them willing to deal back for him. Havelid has been a steady defensemen for most his career, and being around a while at 37 is something playoffs teams will look to get at the deadline. Look for the Thrashers to get what assets they can as Don Waddell continues to try and build the franchise since its inception, which was ten years ago.

Carolina Hurricanes
Status: buyers
The Canes have been up and down since their cup win, always losing players to injury or not fielding enough talent in general. They sit the last spot out of the playoffs, fighting division rivals the Panthers. They’re caught in that precarious position where the only real assets they have to trade are the ones they can’t afford to give up. They're going to try and add some minor pieces, hoping for diamonds in the rough as is normally the case with GM Jon Rutherford, rather than going for a big name player. Even if they were to try and sell, their free agents aren’t really anything other teams need.

Florida Panthers
Status: buyers
Available: Richard Zednik (F), Radek Dvorak (F), Jay Bouwmeester (D)
The Panthers look to be making the post season for the first time in years, something they desperately need to keep their dwindling fan base. To that end they are going to look to shore up team to make sure they get there. The biggest name on the block is young all star defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. The only problem is no one actually knows if he is on the block. Due to be a UFA, if Bouwmeester refuses to sign with Florida (as it’s been rumored for a while he doesn’t like it there) then he will be lost for nothing, which the Panthers don’t want. Unfortunately, trading JBo sends the wrong message to the fans they are committed to winning. It’s a crappy position for them to be in. If they decide to deal him, look for a lot coming back, based around a young player and another young player, touted prospect or first round pick in addition. The remaining players like Zednik and Dvorak (yes, he is still playing Ranger fans) wont garner enough of a return to make the Panthers part with them in their current position.

Washington Capitals
Status: buyers
Available: Michal Nylander (F)
The Caps are looking strong with developing talent and led by head coach Bruce Boudreau who has turned the team into a contender in a little over a season he has been there. Don’t look for the Caps to add any major pieces or sell off depth for picks. Their goaltending has been shaky with one year wonder Jose Theodore, and while a veteran would be good don't expect it to happen because it would send the message to Theodore they don't have confidence in him, and when he's your starter for another year that isn’t good. Nylander’s name continues to pop up in trade rumors as his age and contract make him the odd man out, but the latter will keep him there. He is expensive and signed for a few more years, and an NMC lets his bar any trade the Caps may attempt (rumor mongers love to ignore NTC's and NMC's btw). They may add some depth players, but don’t expect much more from them as their roster is pretty well set for the future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

What fucking shit is this. Holmes gets fined a mere 2+ weeks after the big game? Should we start expecting fines to come weeks after the fact? Does this mean the NFL is now going to watch every game again and dole out fines weeks and months after the fact? This is just stupid.

Look I know Holmes is the devil for using the football as a prop and he should be fined, sent to Gitmo, and the superbowl mvp trophy should be given to Larry Fitz but jesus christ.

I just find it retarded how there is a fine when no flag was on the play. It's happened all season where players haven't been called but than get a fucking invoice the next 3 days.
(For the record, you could also argue that Holmes was out of the play on the sidelines doing the celebration. It's not like he was following in the footsteps of TO, Chode Johnson, etc. He was on the sidelines after being hugged to death by his teammates for 10 seconds. In my book, play is dead and you should shove that flag up your ass.)

Anyway, sour grapes and all, I'll take my win and I'm sure Santonio will take his MVP trophy. I'm more considered that this might just set a dangerous precedence. Who is out there to stop the NFL from doing this weeks after the fact and fining/suspending people. And don't tell me they've been busy? What were they reviewing the probowl tape? Why this is coming out now is retarded. I just hope that late hits/celebration fines don't start popping up weeks later especially on plays that weren't flagged.

More cheese with that whine?

Quick sign these guys up for the opening act in the next SUS concert series

Sure they are old as shit but man can they rock!

The John Rocker Story

This looks awesome. Danny McBride is going places.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear A-Rod,

Fuck you, you fraud. You should have stayed on the juice long enough to win a world series, ya douche. Now go out there and find a solid masking agent. You may be a phony, but I can't even begin to explain how little I care. Some of us are not-so-patiently awaiting Championship #27.

Warmest Regards,

Angry White Yankee Fan

Dear Everyone,

I apologize for cheating in a sport where stats are considered more sacred than Jesus. I should have been a football player and killed someone with my car or illegally carried a loaded weapon in my sweatpants waistband.

The Puckbunny Quandry

diehards yo

So I was watching hockey on TV at a local watering hole recently and the camera kept panning to the crowd and showing the various rink visitors. Sure enough, a guy next to me in his 40s starts to bitch:

"Too many of these god-darn puckbunnies at these games now days," he crowed.

His friend echoed his sentiments and went off how the "diehards" aren't going to the games anymore because of this. Really?

Anytime the word puckbunny is uttered my ears perk up and this was the case. Having been in only one drink mode, I just gave a quick glance over before I continued to mind my panini.

But I thought about this. You do notice in games now days that the majority of fans present are either younger than 25 or older than 45.

While I'm okay with this for the most part, you do get an awful lot of the Yinzer brigade crying how it's not like the "good ol days."

For instance, every Pens game I go to back home was littered with the TRL/Mall troupe that seemed to have finished their math homework. I rationalized this by pointing to the majority of the young Penguin players and how their seems to be connection more so with that. Similar stories are around the place in Chicago and Buffalo but really are puck bunnies a bad thing?

Sure we'd all like to be able to go to the games of our favorite teams but the reality is some of us are broke, lazy, work too much, etc. and can't. Why on earth should the "puck bunnies" get hated on for having means to a ticket? Sure I groan too when I see someone next to me on their cell phone during the games but it's their right. They or (their parents/boyfriend/girlfriend) can spend their money how they seem fit. Who cares if they don't know the game and need some explanations.

The future Mrs. Mike Comrie, Puck Bunny.

70% of people at the games have little to no idea what's going on anyway. How many times at hockey games do you hear the assholes say SHOOOOOOT. Or when some genius tries to explain a cover 2 defense or the infield fly rule yet confuses people more? The fact remains you could do worse than having a puck bunny next to you. Especially if you have no reason to talk to them. Sure there are exceptions to these rules but in general I'm okay with them.

Ok fine she shouldn't be allowed to come to games anymore.

Atleast the puckbunnies bring their colorful, glittery signs and some emotion to the game as opposed to Joe E. Douchebag with his pea coat and blackberry. If anyone shouldn't be allowed are those corporate types that are only there for the "clients." I take far more offense to the people on their cell phones all game who have no rooting interest.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Atlantic Division and NHL Update

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on hockey, mostly due to the Steelers winning their sixth Super Bowl title, or twice as many as the Patriots (six more if you take away the ones they cheated to get). But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention to what has been happening in the hockey world. And since the fans of this blog all center around the Atlantic Division teams, that will be the focus, but you’re still going to get some NHL updates.

Atlantic Division

New Jersey Devils
If you haven’t learned by now not to count this team out shame on you. In a way they're like the Patriots of the NHL: it’s the system that makes them successful. Only the Devils don't cheat at all (John Madden never getting called for all his obstructions aside). It doesn’t seem to matter who is playing there, who’s running the bench or what injuries they have, it’s always the same, and it’s because of the system. And as long as Lou Lamoriello is there it’s not going to change. Hell, even Brodeur’s been out most of the season and they're sitting on top of the Atlantic (cue Brodeur haters who claim he is only good because of the system). This team better hope Lou never kicks the bucket (I have no doubt he’ll be GM until he keels over) because chances are they could fall apart after they hire a guy not so obsessed with a single system.

New York Islanders
The Isles, like most people predicted, are near the bottom of the standings. Ok, they are at the bottom. With a commanding lead, five points behind the Thrashers and nine points behind the Lightning. In my preview I guessed Atlanta to finish behind them because the Isles had a better goalie in DiPietro. Rick though suffered another season ending knee injury (that 15 year deal isn’t looking to good now is it?), and the Isles don't even have him to steal games. There is no hope for them this year accept getting the first pick which is the highly touted Jonathan Tavares. Of course, I think we all know they won’t get that right and someone will leap frog them for the first pick. Hell, even the guys they can deal at the deadline like Doug Weight are getting injured and won’t be worth anything at the deadline. Just no luck from this team, and the fans are starting to give up, getting under ten thousand in attendance for more than a few games.

New York Rangers
I think Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin’” is appropriate because that’s exactly what this team is doing. Amid fans calls for Renney to be fired and the top players not producing the Rangers have been looking lost in recent weeks. Defensemen Wade Redden and Michal Roszival, making a combined $11.5mm a year are proving why no other team would think of giving them such big contracts, and also proving (should anyone have doubted) Glenn Sather is a moron. The Rangers don't have a true anchor for the team, and let’s face it, Lunqvist can’t really run things from the net. Drury is a good player and clutch in the playoffs, but he’s not the glue of a team. Nor is Scott Gomez the guy who will take them over the hump. So bad are things seeming there is rampant speculation they are looking to bring Sean Avery back, but waiting until he is put on re-entry waivers so they only have to take on half his salary. Well, don't hold your breath because I think Dallas would rather let him rot in the minors than let another team have him for half price.

Philadelphia Flyers
The Flyers have been having a good season, and most has come without Daniel Briere who has been injured much of the time. They are having cap problems, so they will most likely have to let a few guys go, or deal them like they did RJ Umberger to free up space, meaning they’ll want to win now. Goaltending has been shaky this year, ranging from “Biron is god” to “shoot that %@#*ing asshole” on the Philadelphia scale. Look for them to make another run into the playoffs and try and get some extra pieces at the deadline with what little room they have left.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Flightless birds indeed. After a good opening month the Pens have looked like crap, sitting 10th in the east and out of the playoffs. Most nights they look like they just don't care, which is more infuriating to fans than anything (and why I mentioned in a past post they were pissing me off so much). There is a lot wrong with this team right now. No one is really playing well, the wingers are horrid, giving Crosby and Malkin no help, he defense is underperforming and Marc-Andre Fleury can’t decide if he wants awesome or a douche, going from all star performance one night to Dan Cloutier the next. They finally did the right thing and fired head coach Michel Therrien (which Mahatma celebrating by going out and getting sloshed),but it’s too little too late. Barring a major turn around they will go from within two games of winning the cup to missing the playoffs. Even if they get to the post season, they're probably going to be the one legged man in an ass kicking contest.


Paul Kariya has surgery on both hips
Apparently Karyia’s hips are bad enough that both needed to be repaired. One apparently wasn’t that bad, but he figured if he’s out the rest of the year might as well get both done. Once an elite player recent years have seen him getting more injuries, and age isn’t on his side anymore. He won’t call it quits, but don't expect him to be at the elite level anymore.

Atlanta deals Mathieu Schneider to Montreal
Getting a jump on the trade deadline, Montreal acquired Schneider for a 2nd and 3rd round pick today. Schneider has had a bad season, but that’s pretty common in Atlanta. At 39 his best days are behind him and it was obvious he was trade bait. The Habs are hoping he gives them some punch on their failing powerplay, but if his play this year and last is any indication, his leadership will be more a factor than his on ice play.

Brian Burke is already trying to tear up the Maple Leafs
Burke isn’t one to cherry coat his opinion, and his bluntness often earns him a chastising from fans (who for some reason also complain there isn’t enough personality in the NHL, go figure…). He’s publicly stated soon to be UFA Nik Antropov hasn’t warranted a new contract offer, and has gotten defenseman Tomas Kaberle to give him a list of teams he is willing to waive his no trade clause for. The Leafs roster was blown up last year under interim GM Cliff Fletcher, and will be again under Burke. Look for a lot of trades from this team going into the deadline and during the offseason.

Fired Ottawa coach blames GM for team troubles.
John Paddock was fired 48 games into his coaching tenure (better than Melrose’s ten mind you) as the Senators were once again choking. They sit at the fourth worst spot in both the East and the league, and things aren’t looking up. Despite four coaches in three years, the team continues to struggle with nearly the same roster that got it to the finals two years ago, leading Paddock to come out and say the only constant has been GM Brian Murray. And he’s right. Murray has been using coaches as the scapegoat, and trying to keep his roster intact as much as possible, but it’s become obvious neither is working. He is the guy pulling the strings and the team continues to fail. Owner Eugene Melnyk needs to wizen up and can him.

Claude “The Lesser” Lemieux is back, and he’s been invisible
And that’s a good thing, because it means he’s not doing his best Tie Domi impersonation and purposefully hurting people with flying elbows, sucker punches and hits from behind.

Dallas has gone from worst in the league to 6th in the West
They started off as the worst in the league, then after dumping Sean Avery seemed to get themselves back into sorts. Granted he wasn’t the whole problem, but they sure as hell did their best to blame him. Since the New Year they have played some good hockey and clawed their way back to the top. They may not be strong enough to go very far, but they're not embarrassing themselves like they were earlier in the year.

Fat Baseball player told by videogame to lose weight

Well now I've heard everything.

According to the Padres reliever, he was able to lose 25 pounds, simply while using the Wii Fit with his children. Heath Bell started the winter at a beefy 270 pounds, but reported to the Padres' Arizona camp at 245 and is among the favorites to take over Trevor Hoffman's old closer job. All because he was initially discouraged by how pudgy his Mii avatar looked.

From the Associated Press:

"It said I was obese," Bell said. "If you're obese, it makes (your character on screen) obese. I was disappointed that I was that big. I literally took the game to heart. I did the work, but I kind of credit the Wii Fit."

Ain't technology great these days? All you need is a Wii fit to be told you are a fat piece of shit. Here I was thinking it was those evil high school kids or your parents but now ladies and germs, you too can be called obese by simply investing $90 in a Wii Fit!

I'm feeling mixed emotions about this. I thought videogames were for the sexless, lazy, obese pieces of shit to forget about their misfortunes but now they have no such escape. Not the school yard, not the computer, not the office, NOTHING. In a scene right out of the definition for bitter irony: videogames are now the bullies.

I guess this is growing up.

So apparently...

=the current style?

I was out in Williamsburg with BH over Valentines Day looking for sweet, sweet, hipster love and sweet-Emperor-Commodus, the local trends seem amazingly out of whack. There I was, waaayyy over-dressed in my cheap polo shirt and Devils hat, and it seemed that the "in" thing to wear these days was a grunge-era flannel and a Joaquin Phoenix-esque beard.

I don't get it. Apparently irony has now reached 1991? Woo-hoo! Only 7 years until my Limp Bizkit CD's can be enjoyed again! But on the other hand, to paraphrase BH, apparently middle school BH would have been the coolest person here.

My question to you, SUS Nation: is this the world we want to live in?

ps-You want culture shock? Try going from Williamsburg to Murray Hill in the course of a half hour. I went from overdressed to underdressed faster than you can say "$7 beer night"

Anyone else want to try and bring down the Devils?

Go ahead, try and outmuscle them like league leading Boston tried to do on Friday in the Devils' 1-0 triumph.

Wanna try and outscore the Devils? The best of the West, San Jose tried to do that and only had a 6-5 loss to show for it.

Anybody else?

Hey Puddy, who are we?