Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Puckbunny Quandry

diehards yo

So I was watching hockey on TV at a local watering hole recently and the camera kept panning to the crowd and showing the various rink visitors. Sure enough, a guy next to me in his 40s starts to bitch:

"Too many of these god-darn puckbunnies at these games now days," he crowed.

His friend echoed his sentiments and went off how the "diehards" aren't going to the games anymore because of this. Really?

Anytime the word puckbunny is uttered my ears perk up and this was the case. Having been in only one drink mode, I just gave a quick glance over before I continued to mind my panini.

But I thought about this. You do notice in games now days that the majority of fans present are either younger than 25 or older than 45.

While I'm okay with this for the most part, you do get an awful lot of the Yinzer brigade crying how it's not like the "good ol days."

For instance, every Pens game I go to back home was littered with the TRL/Mall troupe that seemed to have finished their math homework. I rationalized this by pointing to the majority of the young Penguin players and how their seems to be connection more so with that. Similar stories are around the place in Chicago and Buffalo but really are puck bunnies a bad thing?

Sure we'd all like to be able to go to the games of our favorite teams but the reality is some of us are broke, lazy, work too much, etc. and can't. Why on earth should the "puck bunnies" get hated on for having means to a ticket? Sure I groan too when I see someone next to me on their cell phone during the games but it's their right. They or (their parents/boyfriend/girlfriend) can spend their money how they seem fit. Who cares if they don't know the game and need some explanations.

The future Mrs. Mike Comrie, Puck Bunny.

70% of people at the games have little to no idea what's going on anyway. How many times at hockey games do you hear the assholes say SHOOOOOOT. Or when some genius tries to explain a cover 2 defense or the infield fly rule yet confuses people more? The fact remains you could do worse than having a puck bunny next to you. Especially if you have no reason to talk to them. Sure there are exceptions to these rules but in general I'm okay with them.

Ok fine she shouldn't be allowed to come to games anymore.

Atleast the puckbunnies bring their colorful, glittery signs and some emotion to the game as opposed to Joe E. Douchebag with his pea coat and blackberry. If anyone shouldn't be allowed are those corporate types that are only there for the "clients." I take far more offense to the people on their cell phones all game who have no rooting interest.



Anonymous said...

dont you have a blackberry and a peacoat?

Anonymous said...

dont you have a blackberry and a peacoat?

Mahatma said...

Just the blackberry. Peacoat is on my wishlist...

devo said...

I don't think that hockey fans are in a position to piss and moan about who watches their games.

White Boy South Bronx said...

true Devo. Also, I respect a woman who knows what she wants.