Monday, February 16, 2009

So apparently...

=the current style?

I was out in Williamsburg with BH over Valentines Day looking for sweet, sweet, hipster love and sweet-Emperor-Commodus, the local trends seem amazingly out of whack. There I was, waaayyy over-dressed in my cheap polo shirt and Devils hat, and it seemed that the "in" thing to wear these days was a grunge-era flannel and a Joaquin Phoenix-esque beard.

I don't get it. Apparently irony has now reached 1991? Woo-hoo! Only 7 years until my Limp Bizkit CD's can be enjoyed again! But on the other hand, to paraphrase BH, apparently middle school BH would have been the coolest person here.

My question to you, SUS Nation: is this the world we want to live in?

ps-You want culture shock? Try going from Williamsburg to Murray Hill in the course of a half hour. I went from overdressed to underdressed faster than you can say "$7 beer night"


Mahatma said...

Damn...did I already miss the jean jacket comeback?

The Yinzer said...

At the Pens game last week, one of the fans had a nice mullet paired with a torn jean jacket that had patches of classic bands like Ratt, Twisted Sister and Judas Priest. I dont think you've missed out yet Mahatma.