Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

What fucking shit is this. Holmes gets fined a mere 2+ weeks after the big game? Should we start expecting fines to come weeks after the fact? Does this mean the NFL is now going to watch every game again and dole out fines weeks and months after the fact? This is just stupid.

Look I know Holmes is the devil for using the football as a prop and he should be fined, sent to Gitmo, and the superbowl mvp trophy should be given to Larry Fitz but jesus christ.

I just find it retarded how there is a fine when no flag was on the play. It's happened all season where players haven't been called but than get a fucking invoice the next 3 days.
(For the record, you could also argue that Holmes was out of the play on the sidelines doing the celebration. It's not like he was following in the footsteps of TO, Chode Johnson, etc. He was on the sidelines after being hugged to death by his teammates for 10 seconds. In my book, play is dead and you should shove that flag up your ass.)

Anyway, sour grapes and all, I'll take my win and I'm sure Santonio will take his MVP trophy. I'm more considered that this might just set a dangerous precedence. Who is out there to stop the NFL from doing this weeks after the fact and fining/suspending people. And don't tell me they've been busy? What were they reviewing the probowl tape? Why this is coming out now is retarded. I just hope that late hits/celebration fines don't start popping up weeks later especially on plays that weren't flagged.

More cheese with that whine?

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Drew said...

Way to be the ultimate fanboy and display your mancrush on Santonio!