Monday, February 16, 2009

Fat Baseball player told by videogame to lose weight

Well now I've heard everything.

According to the Padres reliever, he was able to lose 25 pounds, simply while using the Wii Fit with his children. Heath Bell started the winter at a beefy 270 pounds, but reported to the Padres' Arizona camp at 245 and is among the favorites to take over Trevor Hoffman's old closer job. All because he was initially discouraged by how pudgy his Mii avatar looked.

From the Associated Press:

"It said I was obese," Bell said. "If you're obese, it makes (your character on screen) obese. I was disappointed that I was that big. I literally took the game to heart. I did the work, but I kind of credit the Wii Fit."

Ain't technology great these days? All you need is a Wii fit to be told you are a fat piece of shit. Here I was thinking it was those evil high school kids or your parents but now ladies and germs, you too can be called obese by simply investing $90 in a Wii Fit!

I'm feeling mixed emotions about this. I thought videogames were for the sexless, lazy, obese pieces of shit to forget about their misfortunes but now they have no such escape. Not the school yard, not the computer, not the office, NOTHING. In a scene right out of the definition for bitter irony: videogames are now the bullies.

I guess this is growing up.

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