Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eddie redeems himself!

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder relied on little more than his voice and guitar during the third show of his summer solo tour in New York on Monday.

His performance at the United Palace Theatre boasted 28 tracks filled with obscure Pearl Jam songs, covers and material from his "Into the Wild" soundtrack.

Early on, Vedder showed his appreciation for the attentive (and non-shouting audience), joking, "We left all the a--holes behind in Boston," where the tour began on Friday.

This is why Eddie is the man and back in my good graces. After being picture with Prince Jagoff of Sawks nation, he totally REDEEMS himself. I know this means nothing in general nor the grand scheme of things but it's good to know that even a hero like Eddie Vedder and take a step back and realize the error of his ways.

Cheers to you Eddie. Cheers to you!

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