Thursday, August 7, 2008


Thursday morning:

12:09am: I'm watching Sportscenter and there is "breaking news". The Jets have officially traded for Brett Favre.

12:10am: I throw my remote
12:15am: I fix my remote and turn up the volume because yes I was too lazy to adjust the volume on the TV itself

12:18am: My brother texts me, "I'm getting a Favre jersey!"
12:18 and 10 secondsam: I throw my phone
12:20am: I turn off the TV and go to bed

I was somewhat relieved that the Jets would only lose a 2nd round or possibly a 4th round pick. First rumors said it was a 1st round pick and I was going to go ape shit if that were true. But overall I like the trade. It was funny, I read that the Jets were leaning towards making Chad their starter too. PYSCHE!!!! Start packing BITCH! Take your arena football arm, your ugly as comeover and some ice for the slap in the face we just gave you and say hello to Kansas City! I can't wait to start my Madden franchise this year and actually have a QB with more than 90% in arm strength.

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