Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angry White Boy texts to White Boy Senior

So this season for the Yankees will unofficially come to a close tomorrow when Dr. James Andrews meets with Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain and tells him that; although you have no structural damage or serious injury to your right shoulder, it is best to be cautious because you are a young fire-baller and you should rest your arm till next spring training. As such, I was already an angry white boy as I settled into tonight's contest against the power hitting Texas Rangers. However I stupidly figured, Pettite never has two bad games in a row, The Yankees are facing a guy with a 7.2 era; we got this...... Boy was I wrong.

(1) 8:21- Pettite pitches like a dumb ass so much. On 3-2 2 outs and Hamilton up with 1b open, no reason to throw a strike. So absurd

(2) 8:25- Mental errors by veteran pitchers just gall me to no end.

(3) 8:36- I hope this guy (Ranger pitcher) gets a fucking no hitter; serves "us" right

(4) 8:42- They aren't into this game; very appalling.

(5) 8:52- I hate Jeter (following a 2 on 1 out double play in which Jeter represented the tying run).

I do not really hate Jeter but how many hyyuuuge and inning crushing double plays is Jeter going to hit into this year? the next 3 messages are also about said Jeter.

(6) 8:53- With 2 on and 1 out he's the last guy on team I want up

(7) 8:55- Its 1-0 count guy just threw 5 straight out of zone WHY would you chase pitch low and outside, its insane!

(8) 8:59- I'd take 2008 Tatis over 2008 Jeter every time.

Yea I am on a small amount of sleep last 2 days but I stand by every text I sent (except actually hating Jeter part, though he's been horrible this year).

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