Monday, August 11, 2008

It Is the Best of Seasons, It Is the Worst of Seasons...

A few days up, a few days down. Frankly, I think that all Mets fans are lucky that our team is 6 games above .500. After 3 great (maybe lucky) wins Thursday-Saturday, the boys have put together two losses in a row. I can find ways to excuse the 8-2 loss to the Marlins on Sunday (they had already won the series, Pelfrey has been pretty damn good otherwise), but today's 7-5 defeat to the Pirates? Awful. Stupid. Inexcusable. Manuel got ejected in the game, which I really don't blame him for, in the bottom of the ninth. Maybe he should have saved his frustration for the pitchers in the bullpen, though. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that once a starting pitcher or even a reliever leaves with a lead, they deserve to get a win. It sounds simple doesn't it? Why then, have the Mets lost 9 games in which they have led in the eighth inning or later? The characters are all the same: Smith, Feliciano, Sanchez, Heilman and Schoeneweis. Together, this quintet let a 5-1 lead become a 7-5 loss, in the 7th and 9th innings. Poor Pedro has come back from injuries and the death of his father to pitch well. Unfortunately, he can't secure a win because of the pen. Not really fair is it? Its also not really all that fun for the fans to watch.
*In the above picture, Billy Wagner's MRI shows a Rare Extra 'Blown Save' Muscle. Thank you, Nice work.
I'll be back later on this week to talk about the Olympics!!


White Boy South Bronx said...

I'm just curious because the Olympics get huge ratings but all of my friends who are huge sports fans, as in traditional American sports fans,myself included, have not even so much as looked at the Olympics on TV. Why do the Olympics attract the non sports fans yet repel the sports fanatics like myself? I wonder if you have any thoughts as the rare person who seems to be into both American sports and the Olympics.
Btw, at least you are not 5 games behind two teams for the playoffs like my team.

metmandave said...

Yesterday was also the sixth time the Mets have blown at least a four run lead this year. Santana has had six wins wiped out by the bullpen, although the Mets did win three of those games after blowing the lead.

Kunz has seemed like the only stable one out of the pen recently, but that's not saying much. I thought I owed Heilman an apology after his two innings of perfect ball Friday night, but he has proven that it was simply an "on day", of which the Mets pen has had precious few.

Maybe the Mets can sign a few average starters to be long relief guys to come out for the 7-9 innings every game and throw the rest of the bullpen into a wood chipper...

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