Monday, August 11, 2008

There's a big party in India right now.

NEW DELHI, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Abihinav Bindra's mother joked that his Olympic triumph had made him “the country’s most eligible bachelor” as Indians celebrated a historic first individual gold medal.

Bindra’s family led the party after victory in the 10m air rifle event brought joy to a nation of more than one billion.

“He has won the greatest medal in the world,” an ecstatic A.S. Bindra, the shooter’s father told Reuters. Bindra senior is a successful businessman who has provided his son with an air-conditioned shooting range where he can train.

I'm not the most patriotic hindu out there but there's nothing like winning a medal for the motherland. I know the terrorist jokes here are likely too overpowering and even I, as a gun-totting hindu, has to plead the 5th here. I find it funny that like all indian parties she is already auctioning off her son like he is 100 shares of Apple? I mean really mother can you let your son rock out and get all the poon from the indian ladies without commitment? I mean really. I mean look at him here:

He's just licking his chops at the thought of being ravished by 500,000 million females.

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The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

You have a billion people in your country and this guy is your first individual gold medalist? West Virginia alone has had like 3-4 gold medalists. And you call yourselves a rising superpower....