Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few thoughts about the series that is captivating a nation: Devils/Canes

-Call BS if you want, but while I was watching the third period, I didn't care if the Devils won the game or not. What mattered was this: a) The Canes needed the game more than the Devils, and b) the Devils, with the Canes playing their best hockey imaginable, outshooting the Devils 37-17 through two periods, kept the game tied for most of the final 10 minutes of regulation. This is different from the '05 series when the Canes were clearly the better team and should be the reason the Devils win this bitch.

-After the winnning goal, especially after the review proved it to be a good goal, I had a moment where I got to be Vince Vaughn. And if that's not entirely true, I did get to yell "earmuffs" so that my 9 year old cousin wouldn't hear me curse.
-One of two things will now happen.
a) the Devils will be pissed off in a 'on a mission to fuck those who tried to fuck us' sort of thing, and they'll win in 6.
b) the Devils, composure lost, will lose in 6.
I'm calling that Brodeur, on a mission a la Patrick Roy in Devs/Avs of '01, gets angry and gets on his game and Devils take this bitch in 6. Bring on Ovechkin or Crosby!

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