Sunday, April 19, 2009

#1 LA Lakers vs #8 Utah Jazz

We here at SUS like to diversify the type of advice we give out to our fans and enemies. That's why for this years first-round NBA playoff previews White Boy took the rational, sane, "Im actually going to make sense" sort of approach. Devo, naturally, went back to a time when he had hair to make his predictions. I, however, will break down the cheerleader/dance squads to see who will be making the next round. First up, the Utah Jazz:

I always thought that if anywhere, cameltoes would be illegal in Utah.

Summary: Definitely some real talent here, but they lose points for lack of diversity(the old wooden ship variety). Frankly, the Jazz have no inside moves other than the hot blonde chick. That will get you to the show, but it wont allow you to beat a multi-faceted attack like the Lakers put together. Just look:

Im guessing thats not Posh's ass hes looking at.

Prediction: The Lakers are the class of the NBA. They can score at will with the above lineup and theres not much the non-soda and coffee drinking state of Utah can do about it. The Lakers are destined to meet Bron-bron in the finals. Mark it down. Laker Girls in 4.

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devo said...

This is the most research anyone has ever done for a SUS article. God, I wish i was being sarcastic.