Monday, May 4, 2009

White Boy picks some of the NBA's 2nd round

(2) Boston vs. (3) Orlando- Boston just finished up an emotional and hard fought series against the up and coming bulls. I may have correctly picked the winner of that series but I completely misjudged how much the C's would miss KG. No way their old and tired bodies can make it through a series alive against Behemoth Dwight Howard and his band of sharp shooters like Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turk (no way I am trying to spell the rest of the last name here) and even, ahem J.J. Redick. ORLANDO IN 6

(2) Denver vs. (6) Dallas- Both teams come off easy first round series against injury riddled teams. Dallas hit its stride late in the year winning 11 of 14 going into yesterdays blow out loss in Denver. Still its trade of Devo Harris for J Kidd was still moronic unless it wins a title for Big D. This will not happen. Denver made one of the great trades in NBA history acquiring the greatest leader of Black men since Pat Riley (thank you Chris Rock) Chauncey Billups. This guy has molded together a previously disjointed team of stars. Denver looks like it could even give LA a real fight. DENVER IN 5

White Boy South Bronx

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