Monday, June 30, 2008

Manny Shoves George Costanza

Captain Douchebag of the Boston Red Sucks has once again gone out of his way to continue his walking circus act. Eventually, wouldn’t even the cretons from chowda land find this to be annoying especially such a loveable character like George Costanza. I think it’s quite amusing for Manny to lash out with lines like “Do your job” because I fail to see this incident being housed in Manny’s job description. Perhaps Manny should take that up with HR.

I find it amusing that people are just chalking this up to “Manny being Manny.” Really? You know that worked the first dozen times isn’t it time for this 30 yr old to actually, oh what’s the word.., grow up? Look he’s goofy and loveable and says some stupid things but come on man, Grow the fuck up!

The one saving grace is that it’s good to know though that Manny apologized to Costanza. After all, Costanza and Jones do have their daily calzone lunch breaks from pizonos.

Furthermore, It’s good to know that Theo Epstein went out of his way to trade for Costanza from Tyler Chicken.
That is just a shrewd business decision right there and the number one reason the Sawkz won it all last year. Not really but where the hell is Newman?


Mahatma said...

so for the record, barstool sports stole this from me.

devo said...

I think it's great that you use your Photo Shop skills to spell out 'douche'.

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

Frankly Mahatma, this is beneath you. I guarantee no Sox fans give a shit. Call it whatever you like, but at least Red Sox players dont wear thongs.

Mahatma said...

Don't get me started on pornstachbino either and his thongs. Frankly, this was just a reason to post seinfeld pictures.