Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Angry White Airplane Passenger

So big ups to Continental Airlines and the airline industry in general. I had a 3:15 flight from Ft. Lauderdale back to Newark.

2:45: We see our plane come to the gate, and at 246 the gate tells us that our pilots are going to be coming in from Houston on a flight that is running late. Now we're leaving at 3:30. Shouldn't our pilots be the dudes who just flew in from Newark? Guess not.

3:10: Our pilots are just filling out some paperwork, and we'll be leaving shortly...

3:15: Our flight attendants are injured. What? Delayed for the foreseeable future.

3:30: The only available flight attendants are coming in from Houston and will be here by 8:00 pm. Our departure time is now 8:15 pm. But hey, Continental feels bad; they are giving us an $8 food voucher (good for a salad or sandwich sans beverage), a 10% discount on our next trip (hellooooo $30 extra on my next Florida trip!) and a comment card. (POSTAGE PAID! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! YESSSSS!) Thanks Continental.

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