Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Meat

Just got back from an interesting night out on the "Lower West Side" with Mahatma which involved a 2 year old replay of a Chelsea FC match, BH puking a mouthful on the bumper of an Audi and a goth bar where the drinks were stronger than most of the melanin-deprived losers dancing to the electronica. But to cap the night off, I have to say I had a top 3 steak of my life tonight at The Ear Inn on Spring St. I know we normally dont give restaurant reviews, but its been awhile since I had as fulfilling a steak/Guinness/pub experience. Its been in operation since a black man named James Brown opened it in 1817(no word on whether there was an R&B open mic night back then), and it hasn't lost any of its old school charm. I highly recommend this place for dinner and a few pints.

As an added bonus, heres some sweet footage from the Electric Light Orchestra circa whenever hair like that was legal.

Props to T-Bag for the vid, no matter what it says about his taste in music.

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