Friday, June 27, 2008

What a Horrible Series! Subway Series II!!

Hello friends! You would think that the Mets playing the lowly Seattle Mariners would he helpful to their record. You thought wrong. Entering the game on Monday night, the Mets were back to .500. After the debacles of Monday and Tuesday, the team got a solid win on Wednesday, to bring them game under .500. I read a quote from Mr. Wright in the paper this morning about how the upcoming series' against the Yankees, Cardinals and Phillies are an important stretch that could show whether the team is part of the NL Elite. With a poor showing against a really really bad team, what are we supposed to expect against three teams (all of them hated, I might add) with winning records?
I do have to take this time to thank the Phillies for absolutely sucking in the past 10 games or so. The Mets have been able to gain ground with their not too bad record of 6-4, while the Phillies have let them in with a record of 2-8. The Mets are now only 3.5 games back!
This leads me to this weekend. Now, I like the Subway Series. I think it is fun, but I think this day-night, 2 stadium thing that's happening later on today is just too much. We've done this twice before, haven't we? Haven't the Mets been swept in both of them? Gary Cohen made an excellent suggestion: both teams have September 11th as an off day. Why not make up a game then? If there's any day that a Mets-Yankees game should be played, I think it should be that day. Not only because you know that the teams will find a great way to pay tribute to the lives lost and to the city, but because the two teams helped play a major role in the revival of New York after the tragedy. Cohen went as far as saying that this game should be an annual event, because in 10 years, many kids will not even know what 9-11 was. In fact, my Kindergarteners from this school year were not born yet when it happened. That means that through baseball, something they can relate to, they will be able to learn about a significant day in our country's history.
Sorry, back to the game. This afternoon's game has Mike Pelfrey, who has been amazing in his last 5 starts, against Dan Giese, who I don't know anything about, but his name reminds me of Rip Torn's character in 30 Rock. Game 2 will be Ponson v. Pedro. Ponson is making his first Yankee start after being in the Minors, while Pedro had one awful inning last Saturday against the Rockies that cost them the game. Saturday afternoon's match-up of Pettite v. Santana looks like it will be the most exciting, as long as Santana doesn't give up a grand slam to Pettite in the second inning. For some reason, Jerry Manuel is sending Perez out to pitch on Sunday (sorry, Ollie, you know how I feel about you, but things haven't been great lately) against Darryl Rasner. While it would be great to win these games for bragging rights, I would just like the Mets to get above .500 and/or keep pace with the Phillies. OK?


devo said...

Pedro's pretty good.

metmandave said...

Well, 2-2 wasn't that bad for the Mets this weekend. I thought the day-night pair of 9 run wins was pretty interesting and pathetic all at the same time on Friday...I also like the 9-11 idea. Keeping kids aware through means that they understand is great.

Anyway, keep up the great blogs!