Sunday, June 22, 2008

End the Rangers!

A few days ago, the New York Rangers decided to sue the NHL. In doing so, they violated the NHL's Constitution. The NHL, in a letter drafted by Gary Bettman, said, "potential actions against MSG may include suspension or termination of membership, damages payable to the league and other teams."

To paraphrase Walter Sobchak of Big Lebowski fame, "This isn't Nam, this is the NHL. There are rules." And is a wealthy organization like the New York Rangers simply going to learn their lesson by having to pay a small fee in damages to the league? I think not. Who's to say that they won't break more rules? No, the NHL must make an example out of them. The Rangers, like Luca Brasi, should sleep with the fishes. How else will teams learn?


The Yinzer said...

Yeah, saw this when it came out. Frankly I dont expect the NHL to really do anything other than establish that if they want to bend over the owners they can. I sincerely doubt they would go that far over a website. It seems more of a pissing match to establish dominance, and if things do go the NHL's way they'll come out with some lame statment saying they wont be doing anything to MSG but if something like it happens again they will.

devo said...

The best part about this spat is seeing Knicks fans trying to find a loophole that makes the Dolans lose ownership of the Knicks as well.

solo said...

i'm with yinzer on this... if you look at the facts of the case, there's no way the league can win, so a settlement will be coming down the pike... sorry for the absence of humor in the post