Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Crap

Summer fridays are awesome. So awesome it allows me to surf the internet in freedom to find the latest and dumbest things around.

Apparently it's the NHL draft this weekend. I'm sure you all are dying with excitement as we are. Atleast, the NY isles have an early pick so all you Isles fans can look at the next guy you will trade at the trade deadline next year. This guy will be the first pick. He's from Canada and he plays hockey. Tampa has the first pick also.

Other things of note:

Props to Brooklyn Education system

The new thing from space that will kill us:


But don't worry everyone, we will soon have H20 powered cars!

Let's check in with what Ice Cube has to say about this:


And lastly some mind reading:

Have a good weekend folks!


The Yinzer said...

I think it quite obvious what is happening to Jupiter with that black spot:

asshole said...

that ice cube part is great