Monday, June 16, 2008

I have seen Carl Lewis, and you, my friend, are no Carl Lewis. (Hell, you're not even BH)

Why do pitchers try so hard to rid baseball players of all credibility when it comes to claiming to be athletes? First we had David Wells and Rich "El Guapo" Garces. Now, Chien Ming Wang, a seemingly in-shape, healthy 28 year old pitcher hurt his foot running around the bases. I know CMW's injury was during the course of the game, but this has to be only slightly less embarassing of an injury than Sammy Sosa hurting himself sneezing, or SHMUCK hurting himself bowling, no? (True story about SHMUCK. Somehow it didn't get the same coverage as Sosa though.) But hey, in CMW's defense, running is difficult.

So now I'm just waiting for Joe Girardi or Hank "Sonny" Steinbrenner to blast interleague play, saying something along the lines of "these types of injuries happen when you expose pitchers to conditions that they are not used to." Or uh, maybe you can teach guys not to hurt their feet on that painful infield dirt. Either way, it serves the Yankees right for being so close to 5 games above .500.

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