Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things I've learned from watching the NBA Finals.

I hate the L.A. Lakers. Their team is made up of 1) guys who suck 2) europeans who don't suck until there's pressure and expectations put on them and 3) Kobe Bryant, simply an awful, awful, human being.

I hate L.A. I've been over this before but every time I see their jerk-off fans, I'm reminded of what a jerk-off city it happens to be. Though for the record San Francisco rocks. (Hey, Devo, you know how I know that you're gay?)

I hate Boston. Love the town. Hate the people. Maybe diehard Celtics fans deserve to see their team return to glory. But you know what? Every Celtics fan is also a Sox and a Patriots fan. So screw them.

I actually like this version of the Celtics. It's simply not that easy to root against KG, Jesus Shuttleworth, and The Truth. But maybe L.A. fans are right. Maybe a guy who was stabbed 11 times and crawled to a hospital only to show up for the start of the NBA season 2 months later was faking his injury. Again, I hate L.A.

Go Celtics, with a quarter to go, I wish you guys luck. And more importantly, I really hope I don't have to see you guys celebrate with Sully, Murph and the rest of Masshole nation.

ps-Did anyone else see the end of the U.S. Open today? Holy crap that was amazing. Go Tiger.

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