Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears?

(1) Pacman Jones

I hate this guy. He is, at worst, an accomplice in an attempted murder of a police officer. He has been given 3rd, 4th and 5th chances in life that you or I would dare not dream of having. Worst of all, he can't even put a rational sentence together. "I was being rebellion." Are you freaking kidding me? How can you go to any college and not be able to properly distinguish "rebellion" from "rebellious." (Editor's note, obviously you've never been to WVU) Oh, and now he has the gall to call out anybody else for being a bad person, ascribing racist sentiment to Don Imus's comments without even caring to understand the context of said comments. Pacman said he will pray for Imus. Hey Pacman, why don't you pray for the guy who you put in a G-d damn wheel chair you piece of shit. You make me sick.

(2) Don Imus

Don't think you were getting off Scott free here I-man. While Pacman is a moron, you are pretty foolish yourself. Your comments about the Rutgers women's team were despicable and clearly racist. I don't think you meant anything by your recent comment about Pacman Jones, but the very fact that you would even touch race as a topic, when you were fired from your last job and humiliated beyond words for uttering racially insensitive remarks, shows how much of a shock-jock you truly are. To think that great minds of our time like the late Tim Russert and Al Gore would come on your show.

(3) Al Sharpton

I'm not sure what grinds my gears about him but the editor told me to get on him too. Apparently he has threatened to do something if Imus receives no discipline for his recent comments. I think what you do for the Sean Bell's and Amidu Diablo's of the world is truly admirable but leave Imus alone. He is a bitter, old country boy who has no influence on the young minds that will shape the future of this country. Stick to the aforementioned important things or else you will just continue to be thought of as a racial ambulance chaser by myself and much more importantly, people that actually matter on these issues.

(4) The Wilpons

I'm sorry, I can't let this story die. You fire a guy at 3am so that you think nobody will pick up the story. (Editor's note: I'm surprised no one has made a Hilary 3am phone call reference with this story. Maybe I just need to stop smoking the political crack pipe) Then, you wait a full week and make a statement that you think Omar Minaya has done a great job. Lets see, Santana is under-performing, Beltran is horribly overrated and as soft as tissue paper, and your new manager who is being praised by everyone for no reason is 3-3. Yup it must be Willie's fault though. You guys are a joke. Its hard to make Hank Steinbrenner look gracious and sensitive but congratulations Fred and Jeff, you have.

(5) Yankees Offense

How does a team that has 4 guys playing at all world levels score a combined 6 runs against one of the worst teams in baseball? I was out with a young lady Saturday and I check my phone and to my horror see that the Reds have a 4-0 lead in the 8th. Friday night you lost to a great young pitcher in Volquez (best atmosphere at a home game this year by far) but how do you get shutdown, including not scoring with the bases full and 0 outs in the 2nd, by a minor leaguer? I'm getting sick of this team never performing against pitchers they have not seen before. Scouting reports are important but great hitters like A-rod, Damon and Jeter should be able to get the job done against any guy making his first career start. I expect a much better showing against the Buccos this week offensively. The pitching has actually carried this team as they have compiled an amazing sub 2 era over the last 10 games. That won't keep up with Chinny out until September so we need some more offense soon boys.

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Mahatma said...

how do the yankoffs get served by the buccos?