Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Night Bullshitting w/ Mahatma

First some random tv bits.

I've watched the new Call Girl show on Showtime and i'm liking it. The story follows a call girl based off of this blog which got tons of hype from everyone and their mothers. I think i heard about it on Gawker. It's not on the level of Dexter yet but still better than all the uh reruns on tv?

Speaking of Showtime, Weeds is okay for me so far. Nothing approaching season two's creamy level of goodness but still it's going.

Batman is looking nasty. The hype this movie is getting is disgusting as opening night is already sold out in places. Here's a trailer for you and yes I'm psyched for Heath Ledger's performance.

On the other side of the coin, there is Tila Tequila. Please just go away. Apparently, she got served by some chick on her show. Hell yes!

I need to watch tv again so send me some suggestions

Sports stuff

The Winter Classic might be going to Chicago next year for Blackhawks/Redwings at Wrigley. The thought of seeing a hockey game at Wrigley would be dope but if the NHL is all about profit and money etc wouldn't it make more sense to have it at a football stadium with more suites, seats and sight lines?Ah well, I guess the Boston Bruin/ NY Rag game @ Yawnk off Stadium isn't going to happen. BOOO!

Let's hear from Sean Avery who apparently now plays for the Dallas Stars.

Thanks Sean. Hopefully you can continue to intern at Vogue: Dallas.

Rags also lost Jaromir Jagr who knows goes to Russia. More on that later as sadly it might be the last time we see him in the NHL.

Wimbledon 2008 final was probably the best match ever according to some. I wish i saw it...

Olympics are just around the corner but I got to say the Olympics were way better as a kid. First off, we had no school/work to worry about and we could follow all our favorite athletes all the time. Anyway, its better than nothing.

Brett Favre ponders comeback. Lord knows we truly need him being discussed again for 20+ minutes on ESPN. I guess you do have to find a way to get Mark Schlereth off the streets.

Apparently, Ron Mexico is in trouble again. Douchebag.

In other news, 14 year old boy masturbates excessively.

Finally, I can't wait to be a parent for times like these:

Hello therapy.

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devo said...

Thing with Weeds this season-the plotlines are more of a stretch than ever, but the writing is crisper than ever.

SPOILER ALERT: my favorite moment in a few years was when it was revealed that the grandfather played his mother's holocaust tattoo number.