Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bring back the Whale!

Hartford (WTNH) - Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez met this morning with National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman at the NHL Headquarters in Manhattan. He was there to update the Commissioner on the status of Hartford’s plans for a new arena in the city.

Mayor Perez, along with Andy Bessette, Chief Administrative Officer of the Travelers Insurance Company (who is leading a task force on private sector support for a new arena) and Oz Griebel, CEO of the MetroHartford Alliance, discussed with Commissioner Bettman the potential for including an NHL franchise in future plans for the development of a new Hartford arena.

“Today’s meeting with Commissioner Bettman was an excellent opportunity to let him know that Hartford remains interested in bringing the NHL back to Connecticut’s Capital City. We had a very good discussion and the Commissioner was generous with his time and thoughts about what was necessary for an NHL franchise to succeed,” Mayor Perez stated.

There are a couple things the hockey fans of this site can agree upon:
1) Rangers/Flyers are douches
2) Bettman is an idiot
3) We miss the old Whalers.

Nothing like the old Hartford Whalers.

Classic jerseys.

Classic anthem.

They played in a mall.

Than of course, they go to Carolina and revert from cool to lame in Hurricane form.

But alas there is hope!
Hell even a fan made Whaler jersey using the new Reebok edge looks cool:

Do it Bettman!


The Yinzer said...

Absolutely the Whalers must be brought back. Some of the best uniforms ever and the Brass Bonanza is classic. No one cares about the freakin' Hurricans either. I'm sure they can find a team to move in there cause there's a couple cities that just dont care about having a team.

Drew said...

They don't make models like that weird asian guy wearing that jersey anymore either. Bring back the jersey but leave that guy on that bench.