Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Really Grinds my Gears: Poupuri edition

Yea, I have a lot of random stuff to rant about

Opening Day in question for Johan Santana

1) Presidential Address phoniness is uneccessary and incredibly annoying- (a) Do we really need to applaud the President after each sentence he speaks? Is it too much to ask to hold applause till the end or at least reserve this applause for spontaenous and genuine emotional outburts like when he alluded to the mess he was left behind by Bush? (b) B, I love ya but do you really need to say that we will cure cancer in the next quarter century? I'm sure your not the first president to say something like that and certainly not the first to play on the Coaches team in the annual Coaches vs. Cancer game. Sadly, Cancer always seems to win. (c) This is just an observation but did anyone else catch the complete snub by Barack of Justice Thomas? That was swaeeeeet!!

2) A Rebuttal to Devo's New York Sports radio treatise- I love ya Devo, but Michael Kay, as a talk show host, is not nearly as bad as you make him out to be. He, unlike Francessa, actually includes his crew in the show in non-disparaging ways. He also actually wants to know what the callers think and will even talk about the Knicks and Rangers sometimes!! I don't really mind when sports shows do politics but after a long long day of classes and with 3 hours of tutoring left to go, I don't need Francessa talking politics in my life, I just want to talk about the Knicks or Yanks which Kay was able to provide.

3) Knicks continue to frustrate fans- Einstein defined insanity as engaging in the same behavior yet expecting different results. I guess I am, by this definition, a truly insane Knick fan. I really thought my team would win at least 2 of its 3 home games this week against Indy, Orlando and Philly. I guess I figured it would blow out a Pacer team missing its top 3 scorers and save face by actually winning 1 of 4 in the season series agsint the Illadelph. Nope!! The team barely beat the Pacers thanks to Krypto-Nate and Will Ferell and got waxed by the Magic and Sixers. Yes, technically those games got close late but unless you are a great team like Boston or La, you are not going to end up getting over the hump late when you had to expend all that energy coming back from a first quarter 21 point deficit. Chirs Duhon has completely fallen apart. He was having a career season up until the all star break but is playing some of the worst ball of his career since as he is starting most game by comitting several unforced turnovers and has become so timid a shooter that he is passing up open layups to pass out to the perimeter. Mike D, its time to insert Natey into the starting lineup.

4) Injuries to athletes consisently being minimized by teams to their fans and media- I am referencing the Johan Santanna injury of course. Whenever you hear that a pitcher has any problem with any part of his throwing arm, its realllllll baaad. I honestly hope Johan is okay because I want the subway series games to mean something and to be entertained when I make my first trip to Bankruptcy Field. However, the Johan situation is already getting bad as it went from just cautiously being pulled out of one meaningless spring training start to now being on the shelf for the next few weeks. I'm guessing he will be able to make his opening day start but the Mets clearly minimized this injury when it was first reported. White Boy Senior astutely compared this situation tot he David Lee situation of 06 when his slightly sprained foot was reported as day to day back In February and then did not suit up again until next season. The main bullet point here is, YOU GUYS NEED TO TELL US THE WORST CASE SCENARIO SO THAT WE WILL BE HAPPY WHEN ITS ACTUALLY LESS SEVERE RATHER THAN THE WAY YOU DO IT NOW WHICH MAKES US NUTS! (maybe thats just me though)

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devo said...

So you'd rather listen to Michael Kay go off on a rant about why Nate Robinson is a disgrace to basketball? This is classic 'there's nothing to talk about in sports, but we're going to pretend that issues exist by talking loudly about it.' At least Francessa acknowledges that there's nothing to talk about and moves on.

Btw, there's a fantastic new invention called "FM". Give it a shot sometime.