Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Careful what you wish for...

I wish I had Mahatma's photo shop skills so that I could spray paint Douche along this photo.

Many moons ago, as many as 4, I remember listening to sports talk radio and wondering what it would take to get the A-Roid issue off the sports talk radio airwaves. Well, apparently all it took was this guy's courtside arrival at a Knicks game to:

a) take A-Roid off the airwaves,
b) make me realize how pathetic sports talk radio hosts, most notably Michael Kay are; and
c) almost make me wish that more failed drug tests were found.

Driving somewhere around 4:30ish, I had two options:
1. Listen to a deceptively intelligent Mike Francessa talk about the economic crisis and Obama's impending speech; or
2. Michael Kay go on a verbal jihad, talking about how Nate Robinson insulted the credibility of the NBA worse than a player with J.R. Rider's work habits, Michael Ray Richardson's cocaine problem, Latrell Spreewell's passing "abilities", Vince Carter's ability to play through pain, Kobe Bryant's attitudes towards his teammates, O.J's love of his wife and personal memorabilia, and Michael Eisley, Shannon Anderson, and Brian Scalabrine's talent.

Clearly, I chose the first, because as said above, Francessa, while having differing political views than myself, is an intelligent person who isn't Hannity-ed to the right. Props to Francessa for calling a spade a spade and realizing that there was nothing worth talking about in sports.

But unfortunately, we're talking the radio airwaves. Where commercials happen. So instead of doing something rational like putting on 101.9, (the best radio station in New York. Don't argue with this. Just don't.) I put on Michael Kay. Kay was so outraged at Nate Robinson's actions last night that you would have thought he would have ended up in a police blotter, and not minute 38 of Sportscenter. For those that don't know, Robinson engaged in a playful banter with Ferrell, sitting courtside, over the course of the game. And clearly Robinson was so distracted by Ferrell that he only went for 41 in a 4 point win over the not-quite-championship-caliber Indiana Pacers.

Now, it's fairly obvious that Michael Kay is a blowhard of the highest caliber, and I like to think SUS nation doesn't need me to make them aware of this. But clearly Kay was trying to make a controversy where there was none, and his desperation in trying to pass time on the air was nearly embarassing. A few facts about Nate Robinson from a fairly neutral voice, and then I'm done talking about it because talking about it will only make Michael Kay scream longer and louder:

-The Knicks won the game.
-Nate Robinson was the most important player, scoring 41 points.
-The Knicks' front office is killing time for another 108 games until they get the class of 2010 in here. If there is any affront to the integrity of the game happening in Madison Square Garden, it is the fact that the Knicks make people pay face value for the next 108 games. Nate Robinson is trying to give fans their money's worth for the game.
-But in Michael Kay's defense, the whole idea of 'getting your money's worth' is foreign to him, as the next ticket to a game he buys will most likely be his first.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need a shower after that defense of Francessa.

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