Monday, March 2, 2009

Clearly the Giants showed they felt weak at...defensive end?

So I'm going to have to be briefed by Mahatma, aka "Slumdog McShay" about the guys the Giants got, because frankly, I don't know nuthin' about Canty, Bernard, or this dude Boley. But a few observations about the beginning of free agency from the standard Giants-centric perspective.

1. First, the standard disclaimer.


Now, with that out of the way, let's make quick observations.

2. So, the Giants need defensive linemen? Really?

Look, one thing that the '07 team taught us is that you can never have too many defensive linemen. And that's all good and well, but don't the Giants need linebackers? Or secondary help? Or wide receivers? Aren't they adding an all-pro in Osi to a defensive line that already includes All-Pro Justin Tuck and the above average Kiwanuka? And don't they already have a solid 3 man rotation on the interior with Robbins, Cofield, and Super Bowl clinching Jersey Jay Alford? So the Giants bring in one defensive tackle, Rocky Bernard. But Chris Canty too? Two additional defensive tackles? I'm all for rotating defensive linemen, but in the salary capped world of the NFL, can the Giants justify a rotation of the following: Tuck, Kiwanuka, Osi, Canty, Bernard, Robbins, Cofield, and Jersey Jay Alford? That's two entire defensive lines able to be rotated. A surplus is nice, but how will this affect depth at other positions? My line to Jerry Reese has been severed due to a few too many drunk dials; I don't have the update on exactly what his plan is, but my guess is one (or more) of the following:

a) Contrary to the current party line, the Giants are about to move Kiwanuka back to linebacker.
b) One or more of Robbins, Cofield, or Jersey Jay Alford are on their way out.
c) The Giants don't believe that Robbins is going to hold up for a 16 games, but instead be limited to a Haynesworth-like 10 games or so.

And speaking of Haynesworth...

3. Why the hell are defensive tackles getting paid so much?

Some, such as Slumdog McShay, believe that defensive tackles are the most important guys on a defensive front. They say that guys like Tuck and Osi only produce sacks because guys like Robbins are able to clog the middle and take up multiple linemen. And they're probably right. But 7/$100 mil for a guy like Haynesworth who is only going to play 12 games? And that's assuming that his cleats don't get a mind of their own and find an O-lineman's neck, leading to a suspension of a few games. And more importantly, with the Giants....

4. Chris Canty is now the highest paid defensive lineman on the Giants.

And this would not be a big deal...except that the Giants have two All-Pro defensive ends on either side of Canty, along with a tackle in Robbins who proved more valuable with each game missed. And here's the problem:

Tuck: 5 yrs/$30 million,
Osi: 6 yrs/$41 million,
Canty: 6 yrs/$42 million,

So now the Giants have a solid defensive tackle who now makes more money than either all-pro caliber defensive end. Will it be a problem in the locker room? I don't know. My locker room access never, um, existed. But let's hope nothing bad happens. And not for nothing, but remember when Brandon "The Franchise" Jacobs signed for 4 years/$25 million? When the hell did Canty become 2 yrs/$17 million better than The Franchise?

5. But overall, I approve of the moves, and here's why.

Reason #1

Chris Canty is 26 years old. Michael Boley is 26 years old. Rocky Bernard, elder of the free agent class, is 29. Not an old guy in the bunch.

Reason #2

Remember the '07 free agency class? Kawika Mitchell be thy name. The Giants never go after the truly big names. Let the Redskins have their $100 million man. Jerry Reese will nail the under-the-radar guys every time.

Reason #3

The Kenny Britt Era is still the best path for the G-Men to travel in the draft. Bring it on!

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