Friday, May 1, 2009

NHL Playoff: Detroit vs Anaheim

Detroit Red Wings (2)


Anaheim Ducks (8)

What the hell is a Red Wing anyways? Do you know how hard it is to find a mock picture that has to do with "Red Wings"? Seriously, type it into a google image search and see if you can find a good picture to use. It makes this post tougher. Thanks assholes.

Anyways, after their surprising trouncing of the President’s Trophy winner San Jose Sharks (who I thought would be good enough to choke at least in the second round), the Anaheim Ducks get to take on the Red Wings, who to no surprised treated the Columbus Blue Jackets like they were practice.

Detroit is filled with all stars, and they're not the one dimensional types. The main firepower comes from Zetterberg, Hossa and Datsyuk and they are supported by the likes of grinders Holmstrom and Franzen. Anaheim isn’t a slouch having Getzlaf, Ryan and Selanne, but they aren’t quite the caliber of Detroit’s. Furthermore the Red Wings are carrying more all around depth at forward, not having a real weak spot. Advantage: Detroit.

Anaheim’s defense anchored by Niedermayer and Pronger is well known for bringing them in a cup victory, and at the deadline they traded for additional depth in Wisniewski and Whitney. The return of Beauchemin is a plus too. Detroit has one of the best defenseman of this generation in Lidstrom supported by Rafalski, Stuart and Kronwall. It’s pretty evenly matched here, but I think Detroit’s system gives them the edge. Advantage: Detroit.

Jonas Hiller has filled in quite well for the injured Giguere, who probably won’t get a start until Hiller falters. When you can rely on your back up to beat the top team in the league you’ve got a good thing going. The Red Wings though are lacking. The starter position has switched hands all year between Conklin and Osgood, neither really able to do good for extended periods. If the team in front of Osgood wasn’t so good last year, no way he is able to take the Red Wings far. Advantage: Anaheim.

Both Carlyle and Babcock have a Stanley Cup under their belts, and they won one after the other. Despite a rough season Anaheim has pulled through while Detroit has managed to keep plugging along as a top team in the league. Still both are good coaches you’d like to have behind the bench. Advantage: Even.


Anaheim shouldn’t be ruled out, but unless they find a way to constantly attack Osgood and put the series on his shoulders, I think Detroit has too much depth and talent for them. Detroit in 6.

Reason to Cheer for Anaheim: the underdogs, you can’t enough of the city of Detroit being miserable, to spite Brian Burke who left mid-year for Toronto
Reason to Cheer for Detroit: you can’t bring yourself to cheer for a team called “The Ducks”, you want something good to happen in that city for once.

Reason to Cheer against Anaheim: you’re a Sharks fan, they could have done better than “Ducks” when they changed their name
Reason to Cheer against Detroit: Chris Chelios, they won last year, you’re a Pens fan who is still pissed at Hossa, it’s the RedWings

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