Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities

Despite being the bank robbery capital of North America, Vancouver seems to be a lovely place, full of over-priced condos and heroin addicted junkies getting high on the taxpayers dime. What more could you want?


Look, I loved my time in Chicago, fantastic town. But I lived an undeniably lily-white exisitence on the North Side. I worked a couple blocks from Oprah, my boss had a 13th floor condo overlooking the lake. Heres a stat for the rest of the city:

314 US Soldiers killed in Iraq in 2008
509 People Murdered in Chicago in 2008

Also, the corruption capital of the country. Even the residents love it!

So, in summation, Vancouver wins this. It also helps that they are a better team. They will probably win.


They, in the end, are a bunch of filthy dirty stinking Canadians. Fuck them.

Chicago makes America proud in 7.

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