Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Miss(Met) Hyde

It is true. The season is but six games old, and I am already battling my two personas.* One part of me says, oh holy shit. This season is going to be a write-off, just like 1990-1996 and 2001-2004 before it. First there's the injuries- Pedro, Duque, Matt Wise and now Luis Castillo? Anyone else? Then there's the bullpen- did I NOT tell you about Schoeneweis?? True, those 2 tying runs yesterday did come from a throwing error by Carlos Delgado, but still, those guys wouldn't have been on base had it not been for a crappy outing. Next, Willie Randolph. Driving to work, reading the papers and reading other blogs, it is hard to find praise for the Mets' manager right now. It isn't so much that he's making mistakes, its just that he's putting too little emphasis on these games. Yes, its April. There is oh-so-much more of the season to go. However, as of today, the Mets have lost nine (9) straight games against the Phillies going back to last season.
It was strange. As I was watching the end of yesterday's Home Opener, I had this weird, FAMILIAR, sinking feeling. I had unpleasant flashbacks to last September when everything going completely wrong became the norm during a Mets game. This is NOT a feeling that I should have been having on April 8th. I actually partly blame the media on this. So much emphasis is being put on "the Collapse" that the Mets cannot move on. I believe they very much want to, but just can't. Every mistake, strike out, bad pitch and runner left in scoring position is being questioned: is that a remnant of the collapse from last year? Will the team ever recover?
There is another part of me. This part thinks, yes the team can recover. The baseball season is still so young and there are 156 games to be played. Carlos Beltran has had 8 hits and 7 of them have been doubles. Carlos Delgado has had 9 hits and scored 7 runs. There's time for Jose Reyes to start being electric again. There's time for the injuries to heal or for Minaya to get some other help from the minors or other teams. The Mets don't ALWAYS have to play the Braves or the Phillies. Johan Santana will be pitching every 5 games. Only time will really tell what kind of season the Mets will have. You know, either way, Mets fans will find something to complain about.
Just a quick note: I came in 5th in the Straight Up Sports NCAA tourney. If Memphis won, I would have come in 2nd. I watched a lot of ESPN the day before Memphis played Tennessee, when the Tigers were still undefeated. This made me pick those two teams for the finals, with Memphis redeeming themselves and winning the whole sha-bang.
Also, the Devils(!) open their playoff series tonight at the Prudential Center and momentum has (very slightly) moved to their favor over the Rangers. Please boys, stick it to Scott Gomez.

*I don't really have two personas at all, I'm not mentally insane (at least no doctor has ever told me so).


devo said...

Congrats on the pool. Technically White Boy was the highest SUS staffer, at #3, but you certainly did a bit better than me (40 of 47). And for the record, I have no idea who actually won the tourney. As in, I don't know him personally and therefore don't really care.

Maureen said...

i would talk trash about the mets right now, but david wright is so cute that i will leave them alone.