Monday, July 21, 2008

Buzz Bissinger gets his ass kicked by

Hilarious article out of the NYT this past weekend.

Buzz "I love bloggers" Bissinger, famous for writing Friday Night Lights and also this lovely panel discussion, decided to take his sons to a college baseball game, the last "pure" game of baseball left in civilization apparently.

The piece starts with Buzz being a bitter old dinosaur ranting about how baseball sucks now, life is better in the 1960s -- all the typical drivel you would here from some yinzer who is too busy spewing "the problem with your generation" type crap. Anyway, Buzz is entirely in heaven initially just enjoying himself and the atmosphere and than he gets blindsided.

Hi jinx ensue:

Roughly half a dozen security officials tackled me and threw me face first into the concrete, causing an ugly gash on my leg and a silver dollar-sized bruise on my arm. My glasses broke. One put me in a chokehold while another handcuffed me, all of it occurring in front of my three sons. They were traumatized. I was traumatized. Over a camera. At a sporting event, a college sporting event that likes to think of itself as the ultimate family affair.

I was told I was permanently banned from Rosenblatt. I was threatened with arrest. The gash in my leg was bleeding, a matter of concern because I am on the blood thinner coumadin (the result of recent five-hour reconstructive surgery for a clot in my leg) and one of the side effects of the drug can be unchecked bleeding.

HA! If this was anyone else, I'd feel bad for them but not Buzz.

I'm sure it was all that bad until Buzz decided to go all Incredible Hulk as he does. Buzz has a problem with rage-a-hol and he needs to enter a program.

The best part of the article is that it sort of sounds like that he deserved it.

Ah well, score another one for the good guys!

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