Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I just threw up in my mouth

So is there anything worse than seeing one of your role models being associated with all things evil? This has got to be up there. Thankfully, Eddie isn't sporting a Patriot jersey otherwise I'd probably need to reevaluate my life. Regardless, this is still awful.

I hope this is one of those cases where you just give the celeb some team paraphernalia so he can sport it around the venue. Actually, with that hat on, I am sick. How can Eddie cheer with those cretins!?!?!

Someone get Eddie a Steeler hat stat!

(picture stolen from barstool)


devo said...

Ugh. I bet the Red Sox inspired him to write "Wish List" or 2/3 of Binaural.

devo said...

Also never knew that Eddie wore glasses. But I bet you're more disgusted by the Sox paraphenelia.