Monday, July 21, 2008

SUS is on vacation...apparently

Apparently we at SUS are on a collective vacation. I was fooled, but 3 articles in a week tend to speak for themselves. When will it end? Who's to say.

Though if I were a betting man, I'd guess:

Mahatma apparently came back today.

MissMet will return for her weekly Wednesday column.

White Boy
will return whenever his chaotic schedule of attending Yankee games allows him time off.

will return once he (a) makes up a fictional story about his time in Vegas and (b) has internet access with which mark it down.

Yinzer and SHMUCK will be back when football season begins.

Oh, and I'll return for early August and then more completely around August 18. But a quick note on Shockey, which I plan to discuss more in the upcoming weeks. I'm still unsure as to how I feel about Shockey demanding to be traded off of a Super Bowl Champion. It's definitely one of the following:

1. The Paulie Walnutsesque "If he were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put it out."
2. The Fredo Corleone "You're nothing to me now. You're not a friend, not a brother."

But it's definitely one of the two. Stay tuned, SUS nation, for who knows when someone will return from vacation early?

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