Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mets game over Yanks Game: A mistake? I report,you decide

I did something tonight that I almost never do. I decided to go to a Mets game instead of stay home and watch my Yankees on TV. Usually, I would prefer staying at home and enjoy the thrill of rooting for my favorite team as opposed to attending a sporting event for which the outcome has ultimately little meaning to me. However, with Johan Santana starting and the co-first place Phillies in town; I figured I would go out to Shea with my dad. Although I found the first 8 innings rather dull, the 9th inning more than made up for it. Billy, "my pussy hurts" Wagner decided he needed a night off to rest his weary arm (I don't recall Mo ever needing a night off due to injury during a pennant race) and he left the closing duties in the "capable" hands of Duaner Sanchez, Pedro Feliciano and Joe Smith. Wow did they suck! 5 runs were allowed by this bumbling triumvirate before a single out had been recorded. The inning was highlighted by a huge bases loaded 2 run double by Soooooooo Taguuchi and another 2 run double by Rollins to plate the 7th and deciding run of the contest. This game though was more interesting to me in terms of the psychology of my fandom.
First of all, what compels a die-hard Yankee fan like myself to go to a Mets game when the Yankees are playing at home on the same night? I guess it comes down tot the fact that the real reason I grew to love sports, like many of you I would guess, is because of the bonding with my dad. I know it sounds cheesy, but I guess I decided I would rather spend time with my dad while watching a game, even if it is at the disgrace of a ballpark in flushing, as opposed to spending it in front of my TV watching the Yanks at home. Simply put, I chose spending time with family over the Yankees; a choice I will always make I think. Secondly, I had not seen Johan pitch this year live and I figured this was the only time I would be willing too do so considering the magnitude of this contest vs Philly. Finally, I was convinced that Ranser would get lit up by the Twinkies and knew I"d be annoyed at myself if I sat at home tonight just to watch that. Although this fear was not realized and the Yanks won 8-2, I stand by my fear of Daryl Rasner getting lit up whenever it arises. Maybe a Yankee fan should never go to Shea when his/her team is playing at the same time in the Bronx, but I think my reasoning is sound and that I am free from criticism as such. But fellow die-hard sports fans; you decide.
I know that nobody really gives a crap what team I was pulling for or what my experience was like at this game as a Yankees fan. However, a few thoughts. Firstly, Phillies fans are unbelievably obnoxious. More than Sox fans or even Cowboy fans, Phillies fans acted like Shea was in fact their stadium. They mockingly clapped their hands in front of Mets players when they returned to the dugout after the conclusion of the top of the 9th and they walked across the entrance to gate D with a 2007 division champions banner (Hey assholes, you might want to be a bit more humble since your city has not crowned a champion since the 1983 Sixers; btw NYC has 10 titles since then, just saying). Furthermore, I found myself rooting for the Mets as soon as the Phillies inched to within 5-3 with 0 outs and the bases full in the 9th. This is normally unfathomable for me, a guy who has no love for the Mets or most of their fans.However, being a fanatical life long Giants fan, I have a true disdain for Philadelphia Eagles fans. They conduct themselves like wretched animals at Giants Stadium and they comported themselves no better at Shea. On the subway, I made sure to walk directly in front of all the Phillies fans just to make sure they saw my Giants t-shirt. Oh and a final note, props to Mets fans for fully filling out your building and being incredibly loud the entire game. I have often found Shea to be pretty listless and empty even for big games but tonight I was impressed. Too bad your awful bullpen choked away a game against the hooligans' from Philly's favorite baseball team.


MissMet said...

I am obviously very disappointed in the results from last night's game. I'm glad you went and (begrudgingly) rooted for the Mets. However, before you call Billy Wagner a pussy, realize that he did want to pitch and that the Powers that Be told him no for precautionary measures. That being said, you tell me whether or not they should have left Santana in. In my mind (and a ton of other peoples' minds) that is such an obvious choice. 105 pitches, no closer available and you take your ace out? Shame on you, Jerry. I'm also very excited for CitiField to be open so people can stop dumping on Shea. Phucking Phillies.

White Boy South Bronx said...

Congrats on taking the final 2 of the series, I'm amazed at how both local teams have been playing. As for Tuesday's game, I think that a bullpen should be able to hold any 3 run lead in the 9th so therefore I can't find fault with a brilliant 8 inning 2 run outing by Johan. When Yankee pitchers go 7 inning and give up 2 runs and get the win, I always think that pitcher did a great job. If the Mets pen had just done any kind of decent job on Tuesday, this whole debate would be moot. Still, looks like this might be the Mets' division to lose after all.