Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feel the Rhythm. Feel the Rhyme. Get on Up. It's Frozen Four Time!

#1 Boston University (-1?) over #3 Vermont
Vermont has played well recently. Which is why they should be able to hold BU to under 10 goals per period.
Final score: BU 26 Vermont: -2

#4 Miami-Ohio (-1?) over #4 Bejimidi State

The Miami-Ohio Redhawks channel their inner-Roethlisberger and take this. I guess.
Final score: Miami-Ohio 4 Bejimidi State 2

#1 Boston University -4.5 (assumed) over #4 Miami-Ohio

Roethlisberger aint saving the Redhawks this evening.
Final score: BU 45 Miami Ohio 1.

There you go. Championship.

2 final things:

-Colin Wilson sandwiches a two day 12 goal 12 assist 24 point effort around a Hobey Baker win on Friday evening.
-1,000 shares of SUS stock to he/she who names the movie the title of this was stolen from.


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give me a challenge devo.



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