Thursday, April 9, 2009

What really grinds my gears: Passover edition

1) Happy Passover to all of you fellow chosen people out there in cyberspace- I kind of hate Passover though. I was the only person at my Sedar under the age of 58. I like old people but I can only handle so many sex jokes made by late 50's family members. Also, kind of like bread and things related to bread such as pizza and pasta. So Passover kind of sucks for me. However, working in a school does mean I get a nice little 11 day vacation so I guess all in all it’s a positive.

(2) People who complain about how expensive going to baseball games who..... Buy tickets in a more expensive section as opposed to the upper tier reserve seats, say they have to get their kids hot dogs and pretzels and say they have to buy their kids souvenirs. Okay, my dad never did any of this with me yet I had a great time going to games with him as a kid. We ate before the game or brought food to the game, we purchased the cheapest seats in the house and either sat there or sat in unoccupied nicer seats, and he never bought me a souvenir at a game. You can do all of this for about 55-60 total dollars including the cost of the meal and travel via the subway. So if you are going to complain about how expensive everything is, that’s cool but just make sure you are spending the least amount of money possible in order to see a game before doing so.

(3) Yankees Shitty Aprils- I am incredibly sick of this same old song and dance from the Yanks. Every single April they play like ass. Then they generally pick it up hard core late June through the rest of the regular season. Then they play like garbage in the playoffs. So apparently, unknown to me, the yanks two biggest offseason acquisitions are slow starters. Great. We need more guys who are overpriced and are slow starters. I know is only the first 2 games but gosh it would be nice to have a strong April for a team with this astronomical payroll.

(4) New rule- If every media member says something is being blown out of proportion by the media, ITS NOT ACTUALLY BEING BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. All I kept hearing today on the 2 local sports stations was how overblown the Joba story was. Apparently some tabloids reported that a website had an audio recording of Joba telling policeman during his DUI arrest this winter that he found New Yorkers rude and that Yogi is really short. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! But I read the Newsday and it was not reported in there and all I kept hearing was how much of a non story it was. Good thing I switched to fm radio.

(5) Mike, if you hate callers so much quit your job- Mike "I'm above respecting my callers" Francessa is getting out of hand. Every time a caller makes any statement about what he thinks will happen this season for his favorite New York baseball team he literally mirrors that response in a sarcastic and exasperated tone. Mike, your job is to relate to and converse with actual sports fans. I'm sorry that not every fan is as fascinating and likeable as your boys Bobby Knight and Jim Calhoun but save your fan hate for true morons and jerks who make racist comments or who say things like, "These ball players today have no respect for anything." Don't disrespect someone who is providing an honest opinion even they are not as fascinating as your aforementioned boys' opinions are.

(6) Stop calling the NBA Western race exciting- There is nothing exciting about figuring out who is going to be what seed between 2 and 7. It doesn't matter that much. Yes, the matchups do matter but it is just as likely that a team would benefit from being a 7 seed as it is that a team would benefit by being a 4 seed. Basketball is all about matchups and therefore who you play is more important than whether you have home court or not. For example, The Lakers would be much better off playing an offensive team who could not slow down Kobe like Dallas than it would be playing the rapidly falling but still defensively dominant Spurs. I know the Spurs won't finish as low as 8th but the point remains that a race for a seed is not gripping drama because not every team is or should be trying to improve its position when dropping in the standings might actually help its chances of winning a round or two. Either way it doesn't matter who gets what seed because LA is wayyyyyy too good to be beaten by anyone except a Ginobli led Spurs team which of course is now only a figment in Laker haters imagination (See you in 2010 Manu :(

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devo said...

How did your sister get out of Passover? For the record, I was stuck doing the 4 questions too, at the tender, balding, age of 26.