Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An extra swollen edition of your Morning Constitutional

---Some of these you have seen and enjoyed before, others have guys with funny accents who play odd sports like "soccer". All are great examples of why its occaisonally fun to watch post-game interviews. Hecklers Spray

---YES!!! You lucky people get MORE Star Trek. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, go. It fukkin rawked.

---I loved Cheers growing up, and I like to think Cliff Clavin had a lot to do with the encyclopedic asshole I grew up to be. The Longest List...

---If you haven't heard already, Jessica Biel finally shows off her man-tamers in her new movie. Then it gets a little weird. NSFW Egotastic and just about every other website on the internets.

---These guinea pigs have the same dead look in their eyes as the models that Devo lures with little baggies of white powder to his van down by the river. That said, I doubt the guinea pigs throw up after every meal. I thought we were in a recession and people werent spending money on stupid shit.

---A little education for Mahatma and Devo, who I know for a fact are clueless in this area. Seriously though, this lady deserves a Nobel or something.

Special last-minute bonus trailer for Peter Jackson's next production. Looks badass:

Props to Bears in Human Suits

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