Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Leyritz and Doug Mirabelli: A Tale of Two Catchers

Whatever happened to Jim Leyritz you ask? You mean besides his DUI/manslaughter? Well, it looks like someone's checking themselves into a rehab center because they've become suicidal. Look, I feel bad for Leyritz and hope he improves his lot in life. But I'd feel a lot worse for Leyritz if he wasn't GUARANTEED to become a borne again by 2010. And then we get to hear about how putting his faith in Jesus Christ saved Leyritz's life, when it might have had more to do with not spending all of your money on hookers, booze, and blow.

On a lighter side, is there anyone out there looking for real estate in the Traverse City, Michigan area? If so, this ex-catcher who did nothing but catch a knuckleball and enjoy chicken parms will be sure to find you an affordable home in a nice neighborhood. Dougie's going deep tonight!

And last but not least, props to the Bengals for clinching the top pick in the 2010 draft with their must see tv this year!

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