Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mets Make it 7 in a Row.

After a slow start, the Mets have now won seven games in a row, including four against division rivals. Things are looking pretty good. I haven't stopped worrying though. The boys still have their issues, but I think I might just focus on the positives for today.

The Mets are now in first place in the NL East- this might change. If Florida wins today, they'll be in first.

Johan Santana is amazingly outstanding, as I saw firsthand on Wednesday when he faced the Phillies at Citi Field. The game was a classic pitchers duel, with the Mets winning 1-0. The ace worked quickly and made it look easy, striking out 10. It would be nice if they could score some more runs for him, I mean the man as a .91 ERA and the team hasn't scored more than 2 runs in any of his starts.

The offense is clicking at the same time with Jose igniting, the Carloses hitting (and for power!) and David Wright not striking out every time he goes up to bat. Help from the back-up catchers, Castillo and Murphy has been key as well. Oh, looks like I just mentioned almost everyone in the starting line-up, so yeah, the offense is clicking.

Ollie has been removed from the rotation. Whether his knee is really bothering him or not, it is a good thing that he won't be making starts for awhile. Though he ended up being treated as a coveted free-agent, I was never really sure about the re-signing of Ollie. His multiple-pitching personalities were always an issue. Which Ollie were we going to get? This season it was more the Bad Ollie than the Good Ollie, so I hope he can get himself figured out in his rehab...

The starting pitchers behind Santana aren't doing too badly themselves. After Ollie was taken out of the rotation, Pelfrey, Maine and Hernandez reached way back and found ways to win. Jonathan Niese did pretty well on Friday night against the Pirates- walking no one- and keeping the Mets in the game to let the bullpen secure the win.

It looks like the Mets are getting comfy in their new home. I am too. I like those Shack Burgers.

Starting tomorrow, the Mets take on Atlanta at home for three games. Johan will take on the one that got away named Derek Lowe in tomorrow's exciting match-up.
Happy Mother's Day!

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metmandave said...

Yes, the Mets are starting to get hot, let's just hope they don't burn out in September again...I'll be at Wednesday's game to root, root, root for the home team...