Saturday, June 7, 2008

Badass Music Clip of the week

There are two inherent truths about the Clash that we at SUS (or at least, I) hold to be self-evident:

1) The best Clash music was made over the course of the first three albums, 1977-1980. (The Clash, Give 'Em Enough Rope, and London Calling. Sandinista! was pretty bad, and if nothing else, not punk rock at all.)

2) And yet, they truly reached their worldwide revolutionary iconic status sometime after London Calling, once their music started to kind of suck. Relatively speaking.

Anyways, that's why I love the following clip. It's The Clash, playing a top-5 Clash song, Career Opportunities, from their self-titled debut. But they're playing it towards the end of their run, when they were recognized as not just punk rock pioneers, but revolutionaries. Ok, I'll get off of my high horse and let you enjoy the clip now. Rock.


The Yinzer said...

I must disagree with putting The Clash as a badass music clip. Rock the Casbah is one of the most over rated songs ever and London Calling isnt anything to write home about imho. its like they try to be hard rockers and just fail. At least to me.

Sorry Devo, cant agree with you on this one.

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

And on the opposite end of the spectrum. Devo, you are an idiot for saying Sandanista and Combat Rock suck. The Clash is one of the best bands(they outgrew being just punk) of all time. Some people just cant handle British music I guess.

devo said...

First, Combat Rock was solid, but Sandinista sucked. It had enough good songs to make one good album. Unfortunately, it's a triple album. As a result, every 3rd song is good.

And Yinzer, if you're trying to get fired, ragging on the Clash won't do it. Unionizing, on the other hand, will. Just sayin.