Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Joba Quckie

I love Joba, I love that he is a starter and I believe in Girardi as a manager going forward. However, the handling of Joba's first start of his career was butchered beyond comprehension. What is the point of starting a guy and only allowing him to throw 62 pitches!!!? You might as well just let him pitch 3 innings out of the pen in relief of some piece of garbage from the minors like Jeff "Carcinogens" Karstens. Also, and this is a point that was brought to me by friend the B.I.G. (Baseball Insight Guy), why would you start him at home on the heels of a 2 game losing streak against a Cy Young candidate and probable future hall of famer Roy Halliday??? Why not start him vs KC in a few days or Minnesota a day prior? What you got was the worst case scenario tonight. Joba forces the Yankees to rely on their horrendous bullpen to carry them through till the end of the game. Hey Girardi, how is that plan working out for ya? Oh, right your awful pen gave up 8 runs in 6.2 innings. Wow does this team make me sick.

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devo said...

This sounds like something that was orchestrated by Hank, if only because there's clearly so many better ways to handle it.

Why not give Joba the offseason to turn into a starter if this was inevitable? Why not send him down to the minors and have him try this against lesser hitters?

oh right, the yankees have a tv station to run. Though for what it's worth, Girardi did screw this up.