Tuesday, June 3, 2008

" Even White Boy has got to shout" Big ups to Penguins,engulfing some Yankee Self-Haterade and a shot at a pitcher on the other NY Team

I'm very happy for my boy Mahatma, I am very annoyed at some of my "boys" who wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall, and Oliver Perez sucks when he isn't pitching against the Yankees

(1) One of the most exciting sporting contests ever....... How can this evening's game 5 between the Penguins and Redwings be described any other way. I'll leave any analysis to the hockey fans who write for the blog (a.ka. everybody but me and maybe Merloni?) but even for a general sports fan like me this game was intense. When any shot on goal by the Wings could mean hoisting Lord Stanley's cup; it gets even the most casual of hockey fan's, such as myself, watching. 3 periods of regulation and 2.5 overtimes later, the Penguins silenced a capacity crowd of 20,000 hockey fans and 500 octupus (octipi???). Congrats to the Igloo and I hope they pull off the miracle comeback.

(2) Andrew Eugene Pettite........ I love this man. He was the most consistent pitcher on 4 world series teams and was the only one of the starters on any of these teams to be a home grown Yankee (I don't count El Duque because he didn't grow up in the farm system). However, Andy, I'm finally getting pissed at ya. A savy vet such as yourself can't give up 3 consecutive leads in the same game. When there are two men out, no men are on base and you are facing a great hitter like Mauer, you can't throw an inside fastball in a hitter's park like The MetroDome. Sure enough, Mauer hit one that hasn't landed yet and Minnesota tied the game at 5 with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th. He also pulled this crap against the mets a few starts ago giving up 3 runs in the 3rd after the Yanks jumped out to an early 2-0 lead.

(3) Kyle Fanrsworth Sucks....... I'm so freakin sick of this guy. He gives up a run almost every time he comes in. Now grant it, as Devo has pointed out in the past, This is okay if he comes in during the 8th and the team has a 2+ run lead and Mo is due to pitch the 9th. However, in a tie game with the great Joe Nathan waiting in the wings, this is a recipe for disaster. Sure enough, Kyle gets greeted by a booming double from Michael Cudeyer and he promptly scored after a sac bunt and an rbi single. Tonights 6-5 loss to the Twinkies enraged me mostly because this game was a microcosm of the team to this point so far; (1) zero clutch hitting, (2) pitchers giving up leads (3) the non Rivera-Joba pen being horrendous. 14 hits should account for more than 5 runs. Oy.

(4) I don't want to upset Miss Met too much..... but I have to kill Oliver Perez. I admit, this is largley because he destorys my beloved Bronx Bombers but yet is awful against everyone else. He has been bombed by the likes of the Buccos (Sorry Mahatma) and the lowly Giants but somehow makes the Yankees lineup look like a single A ballclub. Perez makes me nuts and I don't even like the Mets. He makes Mike Mussina seem calm and unflappable by comparison. If the slightest thing goes wrong he completley falls apart. Tonight he gives up a leadoff home run to Randy Wynn. Pitchers on his own staff like Johan Santana and John Maine will fight threw early struggles and realize they have a job to do; Perez falls apart and mentally checks out of the game. But hey, Rick Peterson is a great pitching coach right.

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MissMet said...

While Ollie sucked ASS late last night against the Giants, I have seen him pitch amazingly (maybe this was last season). He started two of the games I went to last year and dominated. In Wednesday's game against the Marlins (I was there too, we have a thing, Ollie and me), he was iffy. I'm thinking he gets one more chance before he's a) traded or b) sent down. I really hope he works out whatever's the matter with him though...