Monday, June 9, 2008

FarnsVerMo: The solution to the Yankees Pen issues

I'll keep this short to cater to all my ADHD brothers and sisters. Watching the last two games between the Yankees and their newest arch rival, the Kansas City Royals, I solved the Yankees bullpen problems. No, this solution can't make up for the gaping hole in the pen created by Joba's gradual movement towards being a real pitcher in the starting rotation. However, it can allow the Yanks to boast a formidable 7th, 8th and 9th inning attack and cater to their band of 6 inning warriors. Jose Veras has been outstanding this year. He has a blistering fastball, does not walk anybody and has a solid slider as well. He is emerging as the ideal setup man for the best pitcher in the game. The B.I.G. alerted me to the stats posted on YES that Kyle Farnsworth, yes the same Kyle Farnsworth who I told you sucks in a previous post, (Editor's note: Way to go out on a limb. In other news, A-Rod=good.) has an under 3 era in the 7th inning as a Yankee. This tells me that Kyle is too much of a pussy to handle 8th inning duties but when the pressure is off, he can be a reputable option.

So there you have it, Farns in the 7th, Veras in the 8th and Mo in the 9th. But I'm sure Brian Cashman in his infinite wisdom/ stubborness of trying to prove to everyone that his 3 year signing of Farnsworth was not a horrendous mistake, will keep forcing Joe to trot out Kyle in most 8th innings and leave the 7th to the disgrace to baseball that is Latroy Hawkins. Please Joe and Brian, it is time to implement FarnsVerMo.

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