Monday, June 9, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes: Michael Strahan Tribute Pt. 2

I wish I were Michael Strahan. Or Ken Daneyko. Both of these guys were able to leave the field of play as champions. In Strahan's case, there's absolutely no reason to come back. He has achieved everything he possibly can in the sport. To paraphrase Brian Kenny from earlier today on 1050, uh, maybe you want to come back to win a Super Bowl? (Nah, 18-1 says hi.) Well maybe one more year and the network heads will offer you a pre-game studio spot. (Are you kidding me? He had this locked up years ago.) Well maybe you want the Giants' sack record? (Got that too.) Well maybe you want to come back and prove your hall of fame credentials? (Again, he had that years ago.) You can make a lot of money. (What's the point when it all goes to the wife?)

Strahan has accomplished nearly everything that one can hope to accomplish in the game of football. He leaves a winner, as one of New York's sports heroes. A man who was once a great individual player whose performance seemed to be inversely proportional to his team has brought Giant fans their first championship in what feels like an eternity. Now he joins the likes of Messier, Namath, Reggie, and Frazier; guys who can wear swastikas on their arms and still get a hero's welcome in New York.

As one of the bigger Giant fans in this area who is driving the train that's being tailgated by the bandwagon, allow me to be one of the many in this town to say thank you Mike, for returning the Giants to their rightful place as Super Bowl Champions. May you have a relatively alimony-free retirement.

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