Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A few thoughts while putting out an Amber Alert on the rest of the SUS staff


-So Shockey is in minicamp but Plax is holding out? Is this some sort of relay race? Shockey starts it out strong! Hands to Plax, who reports to camp right as Pierce holds out, taking the baton from Plax. And finally, Shockey takes the baton back as he demands to be traded the day that Pierce reports to camp! What a relay!

No but seriously, it's good to see Shockey back with the team. Anyone who thinks that the Giants are better with out Shockey is clueless. (And more importantly, doesn't have a mancrush on the man like certain slightly biased bloggers.) And Plax wants more money? My guess is that his performance last year while destroying his knees has to take a few years off of his career. That said, no one on the Giants earned a raise more than Plax. And apparently Reese & Co. have some money to play with now that Strahan is done.

Oh, and Plax not practicing? Well I'm not a superstitious man, but he didn't practice last year. And the season seemed to end alright.



You had a good run, but alas, you were the first professional sport since MLB nearly 90 years ago to have gambling completely, thoroughly, and more importantly, publicly infiltrate the game. And Babe Ruth aint walking through that door.

My dad has been predicting a moment like this in one of the 3 major sports or hockey for the last 5 years. He's not the only person to come up with this, but he's been pretty emphatic about it. Needless to say, since the new Donaghy allegations came out yesterday, he's been walking around with the sort of swagger that Dubya would have strolling out to a press conference after finding thousands of nukes in Iraq.

Let's hope that Sen. Specter shows some willingness to correct a problem that doesn't involve a Pa. team.

The sad thing? More likely than not, the only thing separating the NBA from the NFL, MLB, and NHL? The dudes in the NBA got caught. Too much money is on the line for these games for this not to have compromised all 3 major sports. And hockey.

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