Saturday, August 30, 2008

A 4 run lead in the 7th aint what it used to be: especially as a Yankee fan

I need 4 hours to take in this loss and then I will post about the biggest non A-rod reasons that this team won't make the playoffs at that point.

-A-Rod deserves a post all to himself as the main Yankee goat this year.

-Cano's mental in game vacations confirms to me he's not a winner. I used to love ya kid but today you went to far.

-Wow...I've already added a new hole in my closet door and slammed a no longer functional alarm clock into the ground so now I just need to go for a run or the gym later and I'll be ready to have a more coherent post about this year's team. And I know that I raised the white flag already but that doesn't mean games like this don't make me raving mad.

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